Tuesday, April 1, 2014

the table is set...

... a quiet life...

home is where the boat is

rattlebridge farm

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  1. What a cute party! I'm craving a bowl of that wonderfully healthy soup with a side of salad. This is my kind of meal. Your table looks adorable and set against that gorgeous CA landscape it makes me long for a picnic of my own. Love the bunny bread and the bunny topiary. Did you make both?
    Thanks for sharing the fun!

  2. Jain, Old Mrs. Rabbit's veggie soup looks so yummy! And I just love the little parade of critters standing on the cupcakes, waiting for their dessert now that they've had their fills of the vegetables. The bunny bread is just too cute to eat! Gorgeous photos and styling, as always! Linda

  3. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I don't even know where to begin. The table with the charming setting--and the food! I need a cupcake right now. The icing is the exact color of Peter's jacket. The soup and salad are spring-like and hearty, all at once. (I bought that little book and can't find it in my stacks.)
    The view of the table and the distant hills makes my heart speed up. I tried to pin your cupcake earlier, and I got a bandwidth/internet error. (But I'm streaming Miss Potter, so that's probably why. I LOVE the film!) Honestly, I'm tempted to take a hammer and break my screen and take all of those cupcakes. Looking forward to more adventures tomorrow. This has been so much fun, hasn't it?

  4. Jain, I just love that bunny bread and the soup looks so delish! Brothy soups are my favorite. Love to dip bread into all that wonderfulness. Your bunny topiary is adorable. He will be beautiful when he's all filled out. I hope you'll show him to us again one day.

  5. hi sarah, yes i made them both, have had the topiary for decades, i keep killing it when i am gone so long... it needs a redo pronto!

    thank you linda!

    so glad you are loving the movie michael!

    thanks for visiting cippy~

  6. This is my kind of party, something for everybunny! :) Peter & Benjamin's Super Tossed Salad, Old Mrs. Rabbit's Hearty Veggie Soup, Bunny Bread & adorable cupcakes! Your bunny topiary is fantastic and I love seeing him on your table with the CA landscape in the background! I'm still pinching myself sitting and sipping with those views, a little slice of heaven. Today is our last day in paradise, I'm going to have to make the most of it *hiccup* :) Thanks for the fun this week, I'll be checking in early tomorrow~