Thursday, April 10, 2014

mr mcgregor's parsely honey~

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cippy said...

How adorable is your Mr. McGregor tea pot? It's amazing how simply delicious honey can make toast taste. I can only imagine Mr. McGregor's parsley honey would make it that much more yummy.

Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

Hi Jain, I have heard of using parsley as a digestive but I never knew about parsley honey! Your little bunny toasts are so cute. They would be perfect for a springtime brunch, especially in a garden like yours. Your photos are just gorgeous. Linda

Mary said...

I can't believe you were able to find a Mr. McGregor tea pot, well...yes I can :) How fun is that and with your bunny toast! I adore the labels on your jar of Parsley Honey! As always, your garden bits & blooms make your photos a delight. What a fun week, and I still have more catch up with you on!

Sarah said...

Parsley Honey…..will have to try this one.
Your Mr. McGregor tea pot is adorable. How you always find the perfect props is amazing. I think you must have a magical closet! That is one charming tea towel too.

Rattlebridge Farm said...

Swooning and swooning. I love your parsley honey and the beautiful labels. But it's your photography that delights my soul and makes me believe that magic still exists in this world. I hope we do a Beatrix Week Part 2 next year. Between your posts and Mary's, I can't remember when I've had such a great time.

thepaintedapron.com said...

Of course Mr. McGregor would serve a quirky thing like parsley honey. It is perfect for bunny toast!

a quiet life said...

thanks everyone for commenting!

linda i never heard of parsley honey either, which is why i love the novel bakers, it makes me try things i would normally overlook. it was so fun having tea and toast in the garden with my fresh parsley honey as i played with my flower basket, i felt like a kid again ;-)

mary i didn't even know it was mr mccregor when i bought it over 20 years ago! i accidentally found him in my garage and did a double take, it was meant to be!

sarah it did feel like a magical closet when i saw it tucked on the bottom shelf!

thanks mlee, i have had so much fun with you all~

thanks for popping in jenna!

AliceKiss said...

Потрясающе! Очень люблю Беатрикс, ее биографию, ее рисунки и книги! Потрясающие у вас посты!