Friday, May 31, 2013


i need to thank mary for reminding me to get in shipshape, everytime she makes a darling shrimp boat i keep thinking why do i never set sail myself, they have been in dry dock too long...

shrimp salad

lemon juice
fresh basil
fresh thyme
red onions


  1. Both you and Mary are so clever and talented. This is definitely ship shape presentation. Shrimp salad for lunch sounds like a great idea!

  2. here i go again... i try and publish comments on my cell phone and end up deleting a large share of them by mistake with my fat fingers, now you see why i don't do interent banking ;-)

    cippy has left a new comment on your post "becalmed...":

    Love your little boats and seeing the sea in the background...beautiful! Shrimp salad sounds yummy. Keeping that in mind for a great summer meal.

  3. Such a beautiful presentation and delicious looking shrimp salad! A most lovely visit to your blog :)

    Kindly, Lorraine

  4. I LOVE your salad boats. The blue polka dot flatware and striped (tin?) bowls seem to be a part of the sea, a sustained metaphor that is so pleasing to my writer's soul. I went antiquing today and came home with booty for NB.
    Stopped by the UPS store to pick up packages and was greeted with a 9' tall box from Williams Sonoma. Couldn't fit it in the back of my overstuffed Jeep. The clerk whipped out his box cutter, only to reveal a giant wheelbarrow. OMG. Online, the wheelbarrow looked itty bitty. But it was Sasquatch. I had to drive home, empty the Jeep on the lawn, shooing the ducks (who expected bread), and drive back to collect the Odd Parcel. I'm flummoxed. But now am the owner of a giant (but very low) wheelbarrow. Will send you a pic of the ducks.

  5. The masts on your ships put mine to shame! Love the wind behind your basil leaf sail and the addition of avocado with your shrimp salad! ADORABLE boats, I'm needing some to add to my fleet! Chuckling at MLW comment above, I was coveting that wheelbarrow :) Happy Sailing you at your seaside bungalow!