Monday, April 8, 2013

two years of bliss...

a beach diary 3-24 thru 4-7

3/24 sunday

another foggy sunrise by the sea...

last day of scotts vacation, i am staying on, he will be heading home alone... gosh i wish we could always just play this way between both houses. we had a wonderful 2 weeks here, but i love my alone time here too, time to hunker down and read, organize our tax info and to just sit and stare at the sea again. when scotts here its more like real life, we are busy, out and about, when i am alone suddenly its just me and the sea. and i crave it... when i am alone i see the elk move miles away, catch the bunnies hop into the coyote bush, the hawks gliding by, whales at sea, i just am much more in tune with nature. its those quiet hours i adore most here.

i read an excellent book, antonia and her daughters. the author talks about by being loved you always have a tether, when you are alone, you love your solitude, but if you didn't have that love in your life, being alone would be lonely. i so understood that. i adore my husband, i stay here because i am happy and love my surroundings, but if i was alone, with no husband in my life, i am sure this would be a lonely place... because of scott i am getting the very best of everything, without him in my life everything would be empty.

went out to dinner with dan and laurie to bay view last night, had a great dinner and loads of fun. richest lasagna in my life, followed up with lava cake and tiramisu that only competed in richness to the lasagna. fun night. they stopped by on their way home.

grabbed tom this morn to come tractor out our coyote bush. INCREDIBLE! in 20' he had moved right over 4' bushes and not an ounce of one thing to remove, all turned to mulch. scott spent 2 hours on his riding mower getting the land smooth and level, i can't wait to go nursery shopping!

gorgeous day by the sea, the wind is not overpowering, we were able to have a wonderful shrimp boil on the picnic table. ok, scott was freezing with his hood on and heavy coat, he would have worn mittens but his hands were busy dunking corn, potatoes, artichokes and shrimp into spicy butter. was a fun meal, 100% messy but so easy to just toss out and no wear or tear indoors. finished off the spiciness with a tart clean angle food cake with whip cream, blueberries and lime curd. i am STILL so smitten with sea dream that everyday is just as exciting as our very first day here.

3/25 mon

woke to a cold gray day, had a rough night... its almost impossible for me to sleep when the moon is full, i am too light sensitive. when it passes over to my bedroom side its like a reading lamp is on, the skylights make the house so bright you can easily read a book... i still get thrilled with the moon on the water, i watched high thin fog race in the night sky. its always so special here to me, even if i am up from 2-5am...

took the dogs for a late walk, since i fell back to sleep i wasn't up until close to 8, i have been behind all day. spent the morning doing a system restore after scott leaves, plus i sifted through the garage with all my scads of homegoodies spread far and wide. set the table with bunnies for a bit of an easter feel.

the douglas iris have been blooming for months, finally i got a moment to play with them. i am crazy over the huge swaths of blue all over the bluffs, its beyond gorgeous to me. i am sure i am missing mine blooming at home, but with the yard now flat and clean i may put in a huge iris bed :-)

it looks like a quiet week here, with easter and spring break i feared it would crowded, but with the huge house across the street selling to a single full time resident it is HEAVEN HERE! going from 10 renters, 5 cars, 8 dogs, boats, kids, screaming, every light a blaze and constant partying every week, to a single quiet man that you would never know he lives here is FANTASTIC! yes, dreams come true. over and over! very nice man, told stella about him and she is going to put together a little party for him to meet the neighbors.

had a nice chat with laura, looks like another dinner date for saturday night. still have tons to do, just wanted to rest a bit and fill in my diary before i tackle the rest of laundry and cleaning. will be a busy week with chores from taxes, to gardening, cooking and playing, i just have to finish rushdies book by wed for scott to take home, i am panicking about finding time to sit and read!

3/26 tues

oy, another bad night at sea dream... my first nightmare here. it was a duzey too, woke up to my own screams. i am so careful about what i read, but where this came from i don't know, it was so disturbing that i got up even though i was fighting going back to sleep, i was too afraid the dream would pick up where it left off. dreamed i was at the beach resting by the tide pools when an 85 year old man with a cane, dark glasses and denim overalls came hobbling up to me, he began jabbing me then picked up a rock to crush my skull, horrifying... how could i let such terrifying thoughts in my subconscious, very unsettling... was awakened with scotts call, i was still asleep, for someone who normally wakes up around 5am these lost hours of sleep from 2-5am really wreck havoc on my sleep patterns... if it wasn't for the dogs some day i would love to just stay in bed and read until 9am, but that won't ever be happening soon for me.

on the dogs walk, some pesky renter that has been bugging the heck out of me every time i walk the hill, she is always outside yammering on a cell phone the 3 times a day i walk by, greeted my senses with something a little to powerful to resist, the smell of bacon. i have never once smelled food in 2 years of walking there, but today the odor was so heavy i thought i felt a sizzle smack me in the face. oy, the power of suggestion, i had to come home and copy that instantly!

after a hearty breakfast i headed out to the garden for the day. with a clean slate i spent hours just pondering, standing here, standing there, thinking this, thinking that. we have rules on vegetation here, design committees etc, i am not inclined to participate with that route... but, i have to be respectful within limits, or trust me this garden would have been knocked out the day we bought this place with all the bells and whistles i love! i am slowly making teeny tiny moves. today i planted a rosemary hedge around my gazebo. i took stakes and marked out 3 leyland cypress, 3 apple trees, 3 liquid ambers, 15 myoporium, 7 pride of madeira and a whole bunch of beds of iris. let the shopping begin!

the feral kitty didn't show yesterday, but today it gardened with me all day until the sunset. it lives in a bush... watched in roll and play in the sun, it watched me watching him, but i was so far away it didn't flinch until i dragged the hose about 10' from him. it better be a him...

life here is feeling more like home, i have yet had time to do nothing. i used to come just to read, now i can stay so busy all day i am not reunited with my countless hours of sea bonding... it was a cold morning but as the day progressed it was so stunning, even the shipping lane magically appeared. to be able to garden with such expansive views in incredible to me, oh i knew the sea was there, but i never was still enough to even think to look for whales. its shocking real life is taking hold here, with phone calls, business to attend too, calenders to look at, checks to write, etc etc, i so miss the do nothing but read days, and i don't see a one of those coming and i know i am leaving on sunday :-(

got in from the garden around 4 and was able to read for an hour on the deck. crushed i won't get rushdie's book done on time for scott to take home tomorrow, but much to my shock, i was able to renew it, usually the won't let you, perhaps being close to 700 pages they take that into consideration. i can relax now and not fret about forcing myself to find time to finish the book. like i said, i miss those the long stretches of reading~

chatted with stella, looks like the party won't be for a few weeks, she met our new neighbor today. he is going gangbusters on his house, what a joy to see that house go from a whore house of abuse and neglect being in the rental program for so many years, to being lovingly restored by a live in home owner again. he had so many trades people here today the driveway was spilling over and down the hill. there is no street parking allowed here, for once i didn't care, i am just so happy to get a neighbor that has pride in his home again.

another day has just flown by, i know the rest of week will too, i have so much to do that i know sunday is racing up to me. dang i wish i had another month to stay here, then maybe, just maybe i could simply relax again...

i was watching the moon rise and the sunset, these were shot at the exact same time. from the bedroom the setting sun...

from my kitchen the rising moon...

3/27 wed

finally an almost good nights sleep, cassie woke up attacking the fox and deer in the window at 1 am, but i quickly fell asleep and woke up at 6:30 am to fog... heavy, thick, wet, can't see across the street fog. perfect for a do nothing kind of day! was able to get some house chores done, downloaded my camera after several days of neglect and cleaned out the fridge. scott comes tonight, i had made marlena's tuscan onion soup, i know its not his style, plus its only enough for one bowl each, he will be tired, hungry and not thrilled over dinner. i am whipping up a butternut ginger bisque soup with sage croutons, made another helping of the pomegranate goat cheese salad and another mini lime curd blueberry cake. hopefully his drive over won't be for naught, he prefers heartier meals, but i am not heading into town with such thick fog all day. tomorrow rain is due, i will try and tackle taxes and if thats to droll for me i may just head into the nurseries :-) off to read until scott arrives~

3/28 thur

today is the day i dread most, when the real world follows me to the sea... spent the entire day working on collecting our tax data and figuring out our net worth. i literally do not open my statements for a solid year and pile them all in a hope chest. i hope we are getting rich every year chest... scott left at 3 am, i ended up staying awake myself, i fussed around in the early morn, took stella a bottle of fresh squeezed oj and then hunkered down at the kitchen table until 5pm. i did find what i had hoped was a little treasure, an old statement from 2011, i thought it claimed to have $144,000 i didn't know about. would have made the day pretty fun to have misplaced that, but the next day clarified that mystery... rained on and off all day, but my head was buried in statements for 8 solid hours. crawled in bed thoroughly taxed ;-)

3/29 fri

todays plan was to hit the nurseries first thing for a big punch of wowzer zowzer fun, but woke up to fog so thick i could only see 50'. it was so heavy it was raining... i also had a headache from an awkward nights sleep. i hemmed and hawed so long that the fog didn't break until after noon, by then i could see hoards of traffic arriving on good friday and decided to call the day a wash. i read on the deck, until exhausted from 4 poor nights of sleep finally caught up to me and i took nap. scott arrived after 5 and we headed to our little beach side cafe for dinner. so good to have him back home.

plans changed, i was going to go home on sunday but scott suggested i stay another week, which will make another full month at the beach for me :-) sounds good to me, otherwise i can't get back for another 3 weeks and i hate to leave my little feral alone that long... plan is to find him a feeder we can rig up for metered food for him only. with the salt air, mechanical things tend to fail quickly :-( i am thrilled to stay one more week, i always love it, i miss my garden at home, i am sure the trees are done flowering but i wonder about my iris...

3/30 sat

today is a big day for me, i am seeking foundation planting for the garden, the planting is on! with list in hand we headed into town and loaded the truck to the gills. we hit 7 nurseries, still missing 2 trees, but frankly there was no room for them if had been that lucky. gone all day and returned late afternoon and began planting in the rain. i needed scott for the 15 gallon trees and to do the wire cages to keep the deer at bay until the plants are large enough to deter total destruction. i came in in the dark and saturated, I COULD NOT HAVE BEEN HAPPIER!

scott bbq-ed in the rain and we had sliders for a late dinner. crawled into bed exhausted and oh so happy, i love love love to garden, just getting to make a dent here brings me great joy.

i finished salmon rushdie's book first thing this morn, it was good to be done with it, i enjoyed it, but i was tired of him living under wraps with the fatah and wanted to get to the end with his freedom restored. very interesting book and i am glad i read it, but now onto to something lighter and quicker to read.

3/31 sun

happy easter to us, any day at sea dream is a happy one! woke up to rain and scott craving pancakes... the man who wouldn't eat them for 27 years, suddenly can't get enough of cinnabon pancakes that take me a while to prepare. trade off, i make breakfast, he makes dinner. i bought him ham... our first easter to ever serve ham... i am not partial to it and scott loves it. its just a huge hunk of meat for him to eat for days and i feel left out. every single easter i have made the same brunch since the 70s, asparagus, onions, mushrooms, thyme and ham sauteed and served with a poached eggs on top and melted monterey jack cheese with paprika and mimosa's. love love love this brunch, but this year, since i love sea dream sooooooooooooo much, i bought scott his very own ham. which he is cooking right now :-) which means i am a lady of leisure and filling in my neglected diary.

had another fabulous day in the garden, we went to lowes for more deer fencing and a couple more plants on my list. planted the afternoon away in the rain, AGAIN I AM SO DAMN HAPPY GARDENING HERE!

i have had zero contact with the ocean for the last 3 weeks i have been here, its feeling more like home when i do more and more of my favorite things here, but i still get a thrill when i lift my dirty wet head up and see the sea, i feel beyond blessed to be able to garden in such a gorgeous place.

i do hope this week alone i can calm down and read and enjoy the quiet life again, i always miss scott, but i do love my days here. tomorrow is our 2 year anniversary here, i tell you time has flown. i would have never guessed i would be bringing cats over every time i come, much less that i would stay for a month at a time. even this trip was to be 2 weeks, but as always, things manage to stretch out to more. i vow never to be gone more than a month, but i never dreamed i would stay so many months in a year. its been pure bliss owning this place~

4/1 mon

happy aprils fools to us, the fools that closed on sea dream 2 years ago today, happiest fool i have ever been :-) scott was up at 3:00 am to drive home at this ungodly hour. his choice... he could leave at 5 with plenty of time, but he chooses this freak hour so he can go back to bed there for an hour before work. i end up staying up until 6 myself and then fall back to sleep waking up around 7:30 and ruining my day... but hey its ok, if this is what works for him and he has the job, then me in bliss can just muddle thru my mondays... i would rather he stay sun night than leave, so be it.

took the dogs for an early walk, i was eager to get back outside for the day. after a bit of system restore after scott leaves, i noticed how inviting the beach looked... i have not been down there for 3 weeks. the joys of seeing the beach all day makes me feel like i am there, so i never feel slighted, but usually i walk the dogs there every day when i am alone and this time i have been to preoccupied with reality to waddle my chunky self down the shore. i was worried with easter week the crowds will still be here, but only a handful of surfer cars were there. egads the beach has changed drastically too! the sand shift is tremendous, i have been noticing sand bars showing up in the middle of bay at low tide, but instead of a smooth wide beach at low tide, there now is a steep shelf and plane with ponds high up by the cliffs. personally i love the dogs to have private little pools to play in far from the ocean, poor maggie started lapping thinking it was fresh water since its a couple 100' from them being pulled out to sea. the tide pools are markedly different too, it was like a whole new beach to me after just a few weeks and no major storms to have made such major shifts. i still miss all the starfish, since the last red tide 18 months ago the starfish have yet to recover, it killed them all off :-(

it was positively warm at the beach, calm and still, came home to the ever present breeze, usually a gale, on the bluff. it was sprinkling rain in the morn, but i ended up back in the garden until 4 pm. i got every new plant placed in its new home. i was daring and drove around the neighborhood looking for cuttings of my favorite plant. i rang door bells to ask if i could snip here and there, but with no one home i helped myself :-) one house had the most gorgeous selection of plants i have ever seen, every color, including white which i have never seen. it is a huge expensive house down low, as in very visible from other homes so i could not freely march about and take what i wanted, i did think perhaps in the cloak of darkness i could rethink that though...

june stopped by as i was on my hands and knees digging in the lavender hedge, she came bearing eggs. i popped them in my pouch and then began to worry later if it was a trick to see how quickly i could break a raw egg as i gardened. we marched through several backyards checking out everyones plants, i found some plants at a rental that i would be happy to pilfer... another night foray? scott freaks out when i talk like this :-)

was truly a fantastic day in the garden. the longer i am outside the faster my mind races, but this place has to be done slowly since i am not here full time to make sure everything takes. the windy season is almost upon us, where for 3 months straight its nothing but sand blasting winds, rattle your teeth, flap you jowls, its seriously impossible to establish a garden then...

plopped down to around 5 to watch the sea so brilliant with a gorgeous sunset to come. i read the lavender cookbook i brought with me 3 weeks ago, finally finding a moment to myself. besides the fact i was exhausted, filthy and had no strength to move... but of course the dogs needs another walk... i always am in filthy clothes, my life is ruled by dog walks, i can't bathe until the last walk...

i hadn't been on my laptop for days, i can read emails and things i enjoy on my iphone, but any communication requires me to fire up the laptop which i try not to do here, if i do it in the day my house is so bright i have to go in the back bedroom, then i can't see the sea, so why am i here? at night if i turn it on i miss out on reading the books piled high on my night stand. today, i am writing this tuesday morning, i am happily plugged in, the garden is planted, dogs walked and its 100% fog which means i am not missing a thing!

while melted into the sofa i saw my magical being for the second time here in 2 years. i have no idea what it is. adorable, arcing, clever. it raced across the lawn and jumped in a gopher hole. by the way, i am shocked my house has not collapsed or i have not broken bones, with all the gopher holes, whats holding up the earths crust here? i think a giant sink hole is due any day now, you cannot tunnel that much dirt and not have things tumble to down to china... but i digress, anyway the little creature went in one hole and popped up in another. it watched the street for 10 minutes and then leaped away. so odd to not even have a name for this creature. why do we all know rat, mole, gopher, vole, but this cute thing is nameless to me...

went online to order my cat feeder, but so exhausted i found an email excuse to call a friend rather than shop exhausted and perhaps buy a pony, or a magic wand... or fat reducing pills in my stupor. ended up having a nice long catch up, so long scott had called twice and i never knew it... as i was finally preparing for my long awaited shower i noticed 2 missed messages, my cell phone is dicey here. called home to find scott worried what had happened to me, another 1/2 hour of no communication and he was calling the neighbors to come find me. 30 minutes after my shower his voice messages finally appeared... i love/hate technology, don't make us dependent on it, then mess it up for us!

finally went to sleep after 11, for getting up at 3 am, after having a very full day outside sleep was a very welcome sight~

4/2 tuesday

its computer catch up morning for me! with heavy heavy fog, and a fully planted garden, for the moment, its time for me to fill in the blanks, answer emails, shop and empty my camera~

4/3 wednesday

another pure fog day, actually i welcome them for catching up to do nothing again, yesterday i used the computer all day, all caught up, plus i joined prime on amazon. needless to say i was a busy girl shopping~

today was dedicated to reading, like the olden days here, when i read a couple of books a day, a do nothing but admire the sea and read. with prime i get a free book from their lending library every month, i downloaded a trashy book i had wanted to read but no decent library would own it and i would never buy it. inbox full... written by the dc housewife cat. its just a diary, no different then any other memoir, but i think her only claim to fame to get that published was a single night with a young royal. i really wanted to strangle her on practically every page, she is a hot mess. i guess when you are ballsy and born beautiful doors can open, i wasn't the least bit impressed, but... next month i will read her part 2 with my kindle prime again :-)

while reading outside i am always snapping at something...

while in bed i remembered that magical little creature i saw, i just started googling animal names to see if anything could help me id it. marmots, nope, but i hit pay dirt on weasel! who knew they were so cute, why do they say such horrid things like you look like little weasel when they are truly delightful looking... if you are not its dinner~ apparently they are vicious. but let me say seeing one was the most delightful thing i have ever bumped into, tiny arcing gazelles. cute cute cute. now please wipe out this outlandish vole population i have before i snap an ankle and fall into a endless chasm...

really missed scott. my biological clocks always knows when he is coming back on wednesdays. i started to get forlorn around 3pm when i knew i was alone until friday, we are rarely apart this long, suddenly it doesn't seem that fun to be here without him. he met with the accountant is why he stayed home, thankfully its a refund year, when you sell stock they keep 45% for taxes, which gags me, but at least you can buy a candy bar at the end of the year with a refund...

4/4 thurs

awakened by rain on the skylight many times last night. mr nick was crying to come in so early that i relinquished to his wishes. he is sitting on my legs as i type, my fear is he will attack me and i don't have the proper meds to handle this unpredictable beast. yesterday he bolted in and ran straight towards brammie in the kitchen. spoke to her and did nothing. i was mortified and calmly escorted him out. i am pretty sure he bumped into sadie too, i didn't know she was out but nick was talking in the study to her. if only...if only we could trust him. DANGER DANGER DANGER will rodgers!

today is more of the easy peasy same ole same ole, want to make some labels for things i will make when i get home from the garden and read a couple of books. rain for 4 days now, my new little garden should be very happy. feral not here this morn, i was so hoping he stayed the night and was dry for breakfast.

took the dogs for a walk in the driving wind and rain, the turkeys lead the way~

the cattle dog is here in the storm trying to eat the kitties food. i swear the ONLY time they show up is when its pouring... they put a HUGE tag on him like the cows, i called but by the time he came he already mosied along...

chopped 4 inches of my hair. i used to have long hair when i was young, way down my back. i just realized i do/did now too... i used to keep my hair breast level... its pretty disgusting when i lay down and my hair is always caught in my armpits when i toss and turn. i realized my hair is long, really long, its just that my breasts are now sooooo low it means my hair could easily lose another 5" and still be "breast high". oy do i hate this aging thing :-(

with the stormy weather i am craving hot food. except not prepared to make anything... been living off that tuscun onion soup, still have some butternut, but its been 3 weeks of eating that. i come here with menus in mind, since i stayed an extra week i am just winging it. very tempted to get food to go from the cafe, until i saw its only 10 am! when so wet and dark i could have sworn it was 3 pm... days are long when you rise at 5 am :-)

huge exodus from the garden, the turkeys dive bombed outta here like 747's, raced to the window too see what makes them fly, sam was trouncing about happy with his handiwork.

4/5 fri

yippee scott comes tonight, plus bearing gifts of fresh compost from the dumps :-) its the little free things that make me happy. excited to spread a thick layer for all the iris i plan on bringing back.

spent the day fussing around the house, thick fog again. got livid with the 3rd renter this week next door, they all arrive with 4 or 5 kids stacked in a small house. the kids ALL scream like banshees the first day. this morn, in the heavy still quiet black fog, before 9am, 2 little boys were screaming 20' from my bedroom on the deck. the dogs bark, the cat hid behind the washing machine and 2 dived under the bed. THEY ARE SO INTRUSIVE! i cannot stand renters, they show up in our neighborhood with no regard to the full time residents, like living next to motel 6. i watched a little boy dressed as spider man start to yank on the string line i strung for the property marker, i open the door fast and furious and screamed HONEY DO NOT TOUCH THAT STRING! he was shocked, they both went inside and peace was restored. oy, sea dreams only down fall is that this community allows short term renters.

cassie has become horrid on our walks, the fog is always so thick i lose sight of her as she is off stalking deer, rabbits or who knows what else. she used to be so good, now she is always on the move.

visited with stella this morn, asked about her new beau.

read the day away in the deep fog. felt like baking, but not truly committed... i have so many oranges here i thought to make an org sour cream cake, finally round 2 pm i couldn't stand it and went for it. made delicious mini spiced orange loaves, LOVED them, i ate one while wrapping up 2 for stella... and we are going out to dinner tonight :-( i always worry if the recipe is any good before i share them, i had to proof taste them right? definite keeper recipe.

yippee, daddys home, he is off walking the dogs then out to dinner we go. and the month is closing in on me, soon i will be back to bright 85 degree days and waving a fond farewell to my cool wet gray, green and blue world by the sea...

4/6 sat

woke up to who knows what, was it rain, fog, a storm, an alien invasion, when its always so soaking wet and thick as pea soup i just can't tell anymore... but stella told me it was rain :-) scott took the dogs for a soggy walk and i ate a loaf of orange bread. i could have eaten 3... they are perfect to my taste buds.

first on the agenda for scott was a new potty. its only a few months old, but it began acting up, he couldn't find parts since it was made in japan so had to buy a whole new unit. while telling stella our woes she mentioned how old hers was, and how low... i asked scott if he would mind putting a new one in for her too. its nice to look out for your neighbors, she is alone and i think it makes a big difference having scott help out here and there.

we emptied the truck of the fabulous compost scott brought from the dumps, only short a 5' section, it will be fantastic to plant in later.

cleaned up the truck, a quick measure of stellas and we headed into town for more plants and potty. i had more fun then he did! i have to say costco plant pricing is surreal to me, huge things at rock bottom prices. i added peonies, more lavender and variegated wallflowers to the cart, then off to lowes for blue margurietes, pholx, foxglove, freesia and carnations. the deer would touch none of these at home, the only way i will learn here is to try...

came home to just unload the potty at stellas, he will install it tomorrow. scott left me while i waited for her to write the check... much to my total shock, and i don't say that lightly, she returned bearing gifts... first some sweet cocktail napkins her friend JUST gave her... and then the unopened treats from the bakery too, mini carrot cakes, scott will love them, but then the shocking part... she gave me her necklace, pure gold with 5 golden seashore charms... i was dumbfounded... i am sure its worth several 1000s of dollars... on a lark. because scott is putting a new potty in. that she paid for! stella would give you the shirt off her back, she is generous to a fault... i share things from the kitchen with her because i know when you are alone you most likely aren't baking. scott is so handy, its just nice that he can help her out with small chores now and then. i want her to feel comfortable with us, that we are always there to lend a hand, but i feel bad that she feels the need to give back... we don't need anything, every time we do something i think she feels the need to reciprocate, but the bottom line we do it because we KNOW she is appreciative. we would never offer if we didn't want to, and she is always always thank full. that is more then enough for us... i am so flattered with the necklace, it could be worth 5 dollars or 5000 dollars, it all means nothing to me, i am just delighted she shared, but its just so extravagant... i get when she says she is not using it, to pass it on, but it must have memories, and i thought of her daughter... but she told me her daughter has the good stuff ;-) so i am flattered, shocked, almost speechless, but i am so grateful that she is so kind to us, when all we want to be is kind to her... if only everyone had these problems, too kind of neighbors~

scott is building the ferals fast food hotel, the kids are screaming next door and everytime one of 5 kids scream the cats run under the bed. oy, i can't wait until it is peaceful here again...

had bbq steak and artichokes for dinner, early to bed for us with new books. i fell asleep first, but naturally i wake up hot and wander in the wee hours of the morn...

4/7 sun

woke up to the sound of rain on the skylight at 5 am... or was it just raining fog? never know, the longer i am here, the harder is for me to distinguish. took the feral an early bowl, he was waiting for me, always the direct eye contact. took the dogs in the heavy wet stuff, i could feel and hear rain hitting my slicker, was it fog, was it rain, only memorex with know for sure...

never came back in after the dog walk, just grabbed my shovel, gloves and knee pad and began planting yesterdays haul. was fabulous, having soil that cuts like butter is surreal to me, took my whole life to end up some place so perfect... again, this place is always my sea dream. i found some wild daisy's and transplanted them into the bed, added freesia, pholx, variegated wallflower and carnations. the reason i record all that i plant here is i need to know what survived the deer when i get back... memory is the not the same, face it, i can barely remember what i planted 6 hours ago, how will i know if the deer devoured them in 2 weeks... i put 2 gorgeous peonies at the front of the gazebo, killed me to leave them behind, the flowers are huge and fragrant, so foggy i can't even get a picture of them. the deer never touch them home, i hope for the same luck here.

carol and linda stopped by on their walk, stating i was bringing "my ranch" to the beach. so cracks me up, don't know how a house in the country became a ranch, but yes, i am thrilled tp be planting by the sea~

came in filthy and wet to the bone, hopped in a hot shower and made a goliath of a breakfast. finally got my light and fluffy pancakes with the delicious lemon syrup i failed at for easter. poor scott is so addicted to cinnamon pancakes that he brought cinnamon and nutmeg spice jars to the table to sprinkle on his... see the passive aggressive guilt i must live through when all i want is lemon!

watched a blue jay feed another one a bite of cracked corn, beyond sweet...

i am already exhausted and today is pack up, wash up and clean up for home day... i have been up since 5 am with about 4 hours sleep, i could nap this very minute, but all the beds are striped... i have had such a fantastic month here, i could live her so easily, life is small and manageable, home is hot and overwhelming... i am sure if i was truly stuck in thick fog for 4-5 months at a pop i could go stir crazy, but this month was so soothing and calming...

i barely even read this trip, i have never once come here with the intentions of staying a month, it always just extends one more week, one more week, ok, one more kind of thing... i have obligations at home for a while, but perhaps the next time i come i can really plan a whole month, or perhaps that would ruin the magic of this place, the true yearning i have to always wanting to be sea side...

scott has put out the new feral feeder, fingers crossed it will keep him fed on the long hauls away. so worry about the sea air gumming up the electronics, and food even, but something is better than nothing. he is off doing stellas potty for her, i should be unplugging and packing up, making fresh beds and finish up the laundry and cleaning. the very best part about sea dream is the anticipation of always coming back. i emailed cottage style and thanked her for the advance copies she sent me, she said what truly struck her about me and my tiny cottage is how much i love it, how she could feel it over the phone, and for that reason alone she too enjoyed my house. i know sea dream is an old dated cottage by the sea, but for me it is perfect, more then i need to make me blissfully happy, may i forever be smitten with our sea dream...