Saturday, April 13, 2013

a garden walk...

every day i let the dogs out and drive around to meet them in tessie. maggie has a problem, she only goes down hill, she never comes home... imagine a dog that only goes one way. rain or shine, 20 degrees, or 117 degrees, she goes to the end of our acreage and sits on the fence line by the neighbors. usually barking... my routine is to drive down and park by my citrus trees, cassie runs to greets me, maggie hides in her lair... from here i will begin my walk today.

the air is so fragrant i can barely decide which way to move. the roses are towering over me, bright vibrant hot colors on one side with matching warm colored iris planted in front of them...

i have a few early peonies tucked in making me hungry with their sweet smells as i pass by...

i love to bruise the california pepper, i am still not sure if i can use these as pink peppercorns, they smell exactly like pepper, but some say they are toxic. i have never risked it, but i love their pungent odor caressed in my hand...

where i park tessie i have numerous citrus trees, if you have never smelled a citrus blossom you don't know what you are missing... i can smell them 50' away. they draw me in just like bees. it is my very favorite scent of the season, and trust me, my garden is extremely fragrant with wisteria, roses, iris, jasmine, idaho locusts just filling my entire acreage with constant sweet heady scents in spring...

turning up the hill the soft light on the variegated box elder draws me over to admire it, as the sun illuminates the clematis on the bench... as i sit, the jasmine is overpowering even 20' away. the archway is nothing but a wall of flowers, you can't pass thru its so thick, like a giant 8' by 10' square block of white bliss.

heading back to the cool color roses, this one calls you over from 50', its my most powerful rose, the old fashion heady scent everyone dreams off. it is so huge i can't pass by, i have to duck under the 8 foot block. this is what i made my rose syrup and honey out off, nothing subtle about this, the prince has earned his name. i have been picking these everyday to scent the house, today i gather 2 fistfuls, one to share with a neighbor i visited with this morning that said she had no roses, she was squishing aphids as i arrived... if they are going to ruin her buds, this is the scent to heal all wounds...

i have scads of lavender lining the road, i am always smitten with a good hedge...

i always walk with a basket and clippers, there is not a day in my garden that i am not collecting something...

heading up higher on the hill, your eyes are drawn to the pink mass of china doll. old world fragrance and charm, this small delicate rose bullies the hillside, spreading out 20 feet wide and 50 feet long and 15' high. a stunning fragrant mass so welcomed every spring...

this charmer graces the gate to little italy...

still heading up the stairs is my latest blooming crabapple, the last of my colored trees for the season...

a quick nod to flora as i head over to another group of my favorite roses...

face it, my whole garden is filled with favorites... i am a sucker for a striped rose, this is scentimental~

as you can see, my basket is swelling...

i so look forward to this rose, it makes a statement like none others, its a huge climber that gets GIANT florets of single roses that look like hydrangeas, but are the size of a basketball. one stem is an instant vase. this is for you mlw, to tempt you even more to seek out sally holmes~

the flowers are such a thug it smashes the basket to smithereens... since sally it is right by the house, i took armloads up for me, these are to share with my neighbor on my way back with tessie and the dogs~

heading back down the hill i pass thought the orchard with the sweet apple blossoms catching my eye...

down past the key limes and blood orange trees to the left, the right side is flanked with iris and jasmine

jumping in tessie, after my leisurely 2 hour stroll in the garden, i practically crash tessie into another variegated box elder, sitting high in my seat the camera is eye level with the delicate pod chains...

as i head to the gate maggie is waiting on the hillside, i have to coax her to join us and head back up the hill to home...

waiting deskside is the arm loads of sally holmes i have cooling in the fountain until i could get them into a vase. i stopped at a neighbors and shared roses and cuttings, now i spill out the remainder of the basket on the table outside to minimize the petal mess and enjoy a fresh orange as i clip enough roses for 3 vases to scent the house.

as i am fussing i hear ducks, loads of them... there are 2 small ponds below me but what i am hearing is so loud i can't imagine whats happening. i stop and look down, i see nothing and then a huge whoosh in the air and i look up, like an alien space craft hovering above me i am stunned, i have never seen such a huge formation in my life, i panic and try to find my camera buried in roses still, i just click the tail end of probably a 1000 geese, ducks, who knows i was so excited i couldn't think straight!

and that ends another garden walk... until tomorrow~


  1. It is so refreshing to walk through your garden with you...just beautiful. Here in the northeast things are just starting to pop and there are no leaves on the trees yet. I long for the warm sunshine and to see green again.

  2. thank you cippy for commenting, all to soon our spring will warp into HOT, i have to relish these scant days while i can~

    or flee to the beach ;-)

  3. What a glorious garden you have. Thanks for sharing.
    P.S so glad I found you again, I used to read your "Blue Moon" blog and enjoyed it so much.

  4. thank you janey, its nice that you commented too~

  5. Oh, Jain. Husband looking up Sally Holmes, as we speak. I enjoyed this garden walk with you SO much! Our seasons really are closer than seems possible. My apple tree is done blooming but I am amid roses and iris too. Oh, but I envy that overhead view! WOW! Do you have a name for the first yellow iris? My mother shared the bulbs with me years ago from a friend who had a hillside full of them in SE AZ. I am sharing Clarence with her this fall. Lovely, lovely, in every way. So happy I came looking for you today.

  6. Jain, Cottage Style needs to photograph your garden. It is unbelievably beautiful...I have no words to describe the visions in my head. I have never smelled citrus except in a grocery. I know, it's sad. I have Sally Holmes on my list, and I hope she like me. I enjoyed watching your basket get heavier and fuller. Is Tessie your motor cart, like a Gator? Thanks for this most extraordinary excursion. xxoo

  7. Do you know how lucky you are? Thank you so much for sharing all of this beauty with us~

  8. thank you susan, you are very welcome, nice to hear from you. and yes... i do know how lucky i am every, single day i feel extremely blessed~

  9. you my friend must be in heaven!

  10. What a life of beauty. I can just imagine how wonderful the fragrance is as one walks though your garden of abundance. Sigh!

  11. Swoon! I'm in Eden when I get to virtually stroll your garden...*sigh...* I can only imagine the heady fragrances and wish I could experience it in person!
    Lucky neighbors that enjoy the bounty of your floral harvest! I agree with MLW about Cottage Style :)