Wednesday, April 3, 2013

lemon pancakes with lemon syrup...

i have mentioned before i blog for me, there is nothing special about this post except i want to remember this syrup... frankly, it was hard to forget good. i love lemons, my husband does not. for easter i made him his favorite decadent cinnabon pancakes, but i was craving a lighter, fluffier lemon pancake with lemon syrup to taste the freshness of spring.

oy... mine didn't come out to well :-(

at the beach i often am missing ingredients since i have to pack in our food, or drive 30 minutes into to town to shop, for that reason i keep bisquick on hand, the ultra easy add water only type, so i know its all here and ready to go. instead of adding water for my pancakes i added lemon juice, BIG mistake, almost like when you blew up the chem lab kinda of mistake. the batter instantly foamed and instead of becoming a liquid it became a solid. opps... not to be deterred i still threw them on the barbie.

i had wretched rubbery lemon sludge pancakes, my husband had light a fluffy cinnamon pancakes... ok i had some of his too... BUT the only way i could wash down mine was this heavenly syrup. perhaps it was my mood, or the fact rubber doesn't wash down to easy, but i adored the syrup. i just need to make a decent batch of real light lemon pancakes... meanwhile i poured it on angel food cake today.

who am i kidding, i could drink it straight...

use you own favorite light lemon pancakes paired with

lemon syrup

the lemon shells after juicing
1 1/3 cup sugar
1/3 cup brown sugar
2/3 cup water

boil down to the thickness of your choice and toss the lemon peels~