Sunday, March 31, 2013

my busy little readers...

aka as a whole lotta bunny love~

i love bunnies that read, many a courtship can start over books...

of course there is splendour in the grass

i love how these 2 volunteer to read to shut ins...

this little one wanted to read to the birds. i was worried about her, she sat alone til the cows came home...

finally all it took was one smart birdie to invite them all~

she read her favorite cookbook and found her favorite cake

after such a busy day these two still find time to read and share stories with all their friends at the dinner table...

wishing you all a very happy easter, from their table to yours, may all your stories have happy endings~


  1. Completely lovely and charming!

    Today I am rejoicing that the tomb was empty. Wishing you and yours a very Happy Easter!

  2. All your bunny vignettes are sooooo adorable, only you would have avid reading bunnies :) That cake looks divine! LOVE the birdies feeding and cows grazing in the background :) Your cottage by the sea is paradise!

  3. Can't believe I'm so behind on reading your posts. I've been scrolling down and savoring each one, but this one.........oh my. I adore bunnies and you have some of the best. Those little readers are precious. Of course you would find bunnies reading!

  4. I'm back this year to see this one again. It's a favorite post for me. '-)