Sunday, March 24, 2013

day trips~

we have been on vacation for the last couple of weeks, flitting back and forth from the country to the coast. these are just a mixture of pics from our day trips. a panoramic view as we leave our village heading up the north coast, this was once all under water, lifted from earthquakes, gulp, but its dramatic gorgeous scenery with carved rocks from tide pools and wave actions in what was once underwater canyons.

these seal are in a fresh water river, its been a very mild winter and the river has not cut through to the sea, they are landlocked. where the river meets the sea is the largest seal nursery on the ca coast. from now, through july they give birth to their pups, we didn't spot any ashore, just these ladies lounging a couple of miles downstream. they come to this location because of the protected river waters verses the pounding pacific.

i spotted clovers for st patricks in armstrong grove, a beautiful redwood forest preserve...

where the river should meet the sea...

one day we were walking under 1500 year old redwoods, or taking the dogs for their daily beach walks, or another hiking up these rolling green hills with huge views in all directions along the ridge line or cool trails laced through the oaks...

i was particularly smitten with this sweet bench...

but its always good to be back home...


  1. You are surrounded by such gorgeous scenery!!! I love that you are out and about and take advantage of the beauty in your area. I'm dying to hike in the Redwoods, is this up by Muir Woods? Your doggies are so adorable, I love their sweet faces.

  2. Oh, sounds like you two are having a great vacation. You certainly have a beautiful spot! Love the sentiment of the bench. ;-)

  3. janie thanks for mentioning muir woods, its been forever since i have been there! its not that far down the coast from us as the crow flies, but its a really long and windy road that takes ages to get there.

    we went to armstrong grove, its located in guerneville north of us. its always nice to walk among the cool giants, expecially when its 117 at our home in the country!

  4. What beautiful country and scenery~ under the bench and in the cavity of the tree looks like the perfect spot to hide a cache. I'm fascinated by the redwoods. Love the ladies lounging :)

  5. Seals, redwoods, shamrocks, walking the dogs = heaven.