Friday, June 19, 2015

~the vintage tea party year~

just when you thought what more can she share, comes one more picture perfect tea party set for every occasion of the year!

The Vintage Tea Party Year by Angel Adoree http://www.amazon.com/dp/1845337646/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_7U0Gvb02FEYYJ

from the happiest of new years, to every occasion in between~

i decided to celebrate my year with a vintage tea party by the sea. the vintage tea party books are all about enjoying ones STYLE. style comes from within, its an extension of your personality, i am taking my queue from the sea! first i did my invitations...

a friend bought us all seaside t-shirts to set the mood...

 of course i coordinated my apron~

with a plethora of ideas from ALL the books i combined recipes and crafts and created a little seaside venue, starting with home made fireworks~

behind the scenes i was freezing mango and mint ice cubes to drop in our champagne for some quick little bellinis

suffice to say i was having a busload of fun setting the table!

and thar she blows, it is officially tea time!

now this was not your typical tea party, we had a great white crash the party and breach the table, you can see the white foamy water swirling around his tail...

thank heavens a rosary washed up to save us all...

not to worry, we could always set sail in our shrimp boat if we needed to high tail it out of there, but i did worry about that swimmer...

on the other side of the table the mermaid was luring the men from fleet week, we even saw a few tall ships...

fireworks came in all sizes, from cherry bombs, to sparklers and rockets~

we still had lots to nibble on to keep our strength up, bunting and starfish tea sandwiches,

and a host of mini desserts...

overall, it was a delightful tea by the sea~

all of the recipes and fireworks came straight from the vintage cookbooks, i only augmented our party food with a sea blue and green salad and the passing shrimp and crab boats.

set aside some time to enjoy the vintage tea party books, you won't be sorry! thanks so much for visiting all the novel bakers this week, i hope you enjoyed the show~