Friday, June 19, 2015

~the vintage tea party year~

just when you thought what more can she share, comes one more picture perfect tea party set for every occasion of the year!

The Vintage Tea Party Year by Angel Adoree http://www.amazon.com/dp/1845337646/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_7U0Gvb02FEYYJ

from the happiest of new years, to every occasion in between~

i decided to celebrate my year with a vintage tea party by the sea. the vintage tea party books are all about enjoying ones STYLE. style comes from within, its an extension of your personality, i am taking my queue from the sea! first i did my invitations...

a friend bought us all seaside t-shirts to set the mood...

 of course i coordinated my apron~

with a plethora of ideas from ALL the books i combined recipes and crafts and created a little seaside venue, starting with home made fireworks~

behind the scenes i was freezing mango and mint ice cubes to drop in our champagne for some quick little bellinis

suffice to say i was having a busload of fun setting the table!

and thar she blows, it is officially tea time!

now this was not your typical tea party, we had a great white crash the party and breach the table, you can see the white foamy water swirling around his tail...

thank heavens a rosary washed up to save us all...

not to worry, we could always set sail in our shrimp boat if we needed to high tail it out of there, but i did worry about that swimmer...

on the other side of the table the mermaid was luring the men from fleet week, we even saw a few tall ships...

fireworks came in all sizes, from cherry bombs, to sparklers and rockets~

we still had lots to nibble on to keep our strength up, bunting and starfish tea sandwiches,

and a host of mini desserts...

overall, it was a delightful tea by the sea~

all of the recipes and fireworks came straight from the vintage cookbooks, i only augmented our party food with a sea blue and green salad and the passing shrimp and crab boats.

set aside some time to enjoy the vintage tea party books, you won't be sorry! thanks so much for visiting all the novel bakers this week, i hope you enjoyed the show~


  1. Oh my word...I would have bought a plane ticket or set sail to attend your Tea by the Sea Party! I've been sitting here gobsmacked staring and drooling in the wee hours of the morning thinking I still must be dreaming!

    I know your book club and tea loving friends must have had a whale of a good time with all the delicious details that you prepared!
    I would still be nibbling and sipping with my Blood Orange Mimosa in hand, blissfully unaware of the danger of a shark attack. It would have taken the Coast Guard to rescue me and pull me away from your table...

    You always end with a bang on Novel Baking week, those fireworks are too cute. I bookmarked them for the 4th of the July fun but now I think my ideas may just fizzle out. By the weeks end, I'm too pooped to pop :) This is so over the top fun and cute!

    All your wonderful coastal accessories, the starfish, plates, salad servers, whale and shark. I have the same gardening sand pail as you know but it's never seen this kind of fun. I adore your fish tea pot too!

    You know that your fleet floats my boat, the shrimp and zucchini boats and potato ships...*sigh* Thanks for the fun this morning! I always dazzled by your creativity and sense of fun. ♥

  2. It has been a grand week with the Novel Bakers. These books are adorable and were a great choice. Every post was wonderful, full of color, and so much fun!

  3. Be still my heart! What a gorgeous tea feast-by-the-sea. Whimsical (Great White and bloody tea punch) to the darling (glasses with aqua octopuses), to the firecrackers (you are the most creative person I know), to the food. Everything I crave is right on your table. I adore the starfish shirts--and your whale apron is TOO ADORABLE. But it's the little details on the table--the sea imagery sustained so beautifully. I would stand in line for this! Truly, your imagination and creative spirit is astonishing, and it's a joy to play along. You cannot imagine the anticipation that I feel, just waiting to see what you and the girls do with the books. Thanks for another joyous week!

  4. Wow, this is more a feast than a tea! Love the idea of a seaside tea with mermaids and great whites. I know your book club friends found this to be a tea party like non other. Thanks for another fabulous week from the Novel Bakers. I've ordered the books and the first arrived today. I'm savoring every page and delightful illustration. What fun!!!

  5. Everything is artfully presented and looks delicious! This tea is a feast for the eyes as well as the tastebuds! Fantastic job!

  6. Jain,
    I'm sailing away in delight and awe at this feast/tea by the sea! Oh to be a lucky recipient of an invitation to this treat for the senses--and such a delightful story to amuse us as we enjoy your photos too!! I've been planning to make those firecrackers for our 4th and now I'll display them in my own sand bucket and hope that they create a big bang at my party the way they must have at yours! What do the other members of your book club think when they see these delights? Your swimmer looks like she is up to the job of keeping the great white in line if she meets him somewhere over the shrimp boat or the tower of tasty desserts! And I'd like to scoop up one of those potatoes too or any other ship in the fleet! But I'm am most speechless when it comes to those bellini-creating mango fish! Yes, I'll have a few of those too!! Oh my goodness, Jain, your imagination and cooking skills here have created such a wonderful table of food and fun. I had so much fun playing along with you and the other novel bakers and these books!!!