Thursday, June 18, 2015

frangipane and plum tart~

i don't know which scent i loved more, the oh so honey fragrant serenity tea, the almond drenched plums or the peony, it was all to heavenly! a delightful afternoon tea break was had by all~

frangipane and plum tart

pie crust prebaked

1/2 egg
3.5 T butter
1/4 c brown sugar
1/4 ground almonds
1/2 t almond extract
3 plums sliced

mix sugar and butter until fluffy, add egg, almonds and extract. slice plums and place, bake at 450 for 15'.

stop by and have a sip of tea with all the novel bakers...


  1. Oh your mini tarts look delicious and are the perfect size! I wish I had one or two this morning to enjoy. The serenity tea sounded intriguing too. The picnic section of the book called my name but the heat did not. The tarts served on the tennis rackets in the book were so clever :)

  2. there is nothing better than a sweet summer plum and I love the proper attention you have given it with your tarts and heavenly sounding serenity tea~ Love the old tennis gear too~

  3. I can just imagine the aroma, Jain. Your tarts are beautifully British, perfect for tea-by-the-sea or anywhere. Plus, they are wonderfully portable, sublime picnic fare. With the punishing temperatures at GG, Serenity Tea would be a most welcome brew. See you tomorrow--can't wait for your tea party!