Monday, June 15, 2015

the novel bakers present~

the vintage tea party week!

i bumped into these ADORABLE books and knew i wanted to share the fun with the novel bakers! time to bring out the english in you and throw a rollicking good time tea party~

such a clever and artistic book, this series will guide you every step of the way from invitations, to props, from head scarf to hair decorations, new doos and make up. heck, right down to how to dress and how to fashion a brand new apron! it is the ultimate tea party book, all under one binding!

let us warm up our tea party week with a simple brunch for 2, of course i love to pick my breakfast fresh, starting with ...

you can't have a proper english breakfast without the beloved coddled eggs, my grandmother was english and ate one every day of her life. i served ours with potato flowers...

topped off with my sweet sun ripened fruit for a plum and honey tea bread ...

please note i will be sharing the tea party recipes next week. stop by all week while the novel bakers enjoy the magic of vintage tea parties~


  1. Oh my...what a feast for the eyes! I'm starving for your 5 star brunch you've served up with your coddled eggs, broiled grapefruit, potato flowers and tea bread! I totally missed the plum and honey tea bread with all the delicious tea time treats in this book. You have the perfect accompaniments with your crown plates, beautiful coddled egg vessels, citrus teapot and towels and plum goodness accessories! I can only imagine what other wonderful teatime treats you'll be serving up this week...
    Thanks for the start to our week out in such a fun and delicious way. I need a hearty breakfast for the week ahead :)

  2. Jain, you always come up with the most adorable books...Oh what fun! This is a great theme for me, as Tea is my drink of choice, and I cannot wait to see what you have in store for this week. Your post today was lovely. It's always such a joy when the Novel Bakers are in town!

  3. Jain, I loved these books!! I found so much inspiration in the ideas and the recipes. You are just so lucky to be able to pick your breakfast fresh from your yard. The grapefruit looks delicious! I thought of making the plum bread too and now after seeing your tempting pieces I will have to make one next week too! Your dishes and linens are perfect too. Didn't you have an urge to find some fake eyelashes to wear while you were cooking? Thanks for showing us these books!! Linda

  4. What an amazing choice! Well done!!
    I adore how you three present a totally different view of the same novel. You inspire and delight! Thanks so much...XX

  5. Hilarious fun Jain, long live the Queen! I am so happy to know how to tie a head scarf properly and apply false lashes! I am drooling over the hot baked grapefruit and the potato flower, now that's a breakfast! The books are simply delightful!

  6. Oh, Jain, how beautiful, elegant, and delicious. As I looked at your photos of the book, I see that I have missed another batch of goodies. Things keep popping up, brand new. This book was probably sold to adult wizards in Diagon Alley. As for your tea party, I've never seen anything so heavenly. Your egg coddlers look as if they were plucked from an English garden, and your blue china is stunningly fine. I almost made the grapefruit--putting it on my list (I found so many recipes that I wanted to make). Your luscious plums, your silver teapots, the bone china, the tea cups--I could swear you live in the Cotswolds. I am looking foward to seeing your artistry this week. Thank you for finding yet another magical book. (I've been at the job site today. The horror. My DH, the Imp, said we were putting lipstick on a pig. Ready for Mr. Darcy's tea.)

  7. This post is a gorgeous tapestry! I must get that recipe for the plum bread! I have some of those citrus plates myself and I'm in love with them! How fun to pair them with the grapefruit! This is the post that gives on giving. I'll be coming back again and again to this one for many, many weeks to come! Thank you for such a delightful post!