Monday, June 15, 2015

the novel bakers present~

the vintage tea party week!

i bumped into these ADORABLE books and knew i wanted to share the fun with the novel bakers! time to bring out the english in you and throw a rollicking good time tea party~

such a clever and artistic book, this series will guide you every step of the way from invitations, to props, from head scarf to hair decorations, new doos and make up. heck, right down to how to dress and how to fashion a brand new apron! it is the ultimate tea party book, all under one binding!

let us warm up our tea party week with a simple brunch for 2, of course i love to pick my breakfast fresh, starting with ...

you can't have a proper english breakfast without the beloved coddled eggs, my grandmother was english and ate one every day of her life. i served ours with potato flowers...

topped off with my sweet sun ripened fruit for a plum and honey tea bread ...

please note i will be sharing the tea party recipes next week. stop by all week while the novel bakers enjoy the magic of vintage tea parties~