Sunday, February 16, 2014

pomegranate orange salad~

i get great joy that i am able to feed myself from my own garden. i picked my pomegranates in october, i am still able to enjoy them all this time later, shocking really, they are withered and look horrid, but the seeds are still perfect, even a richer burgundy in color over time.

citrus ripens in december, i was gone for the 2 months and i am just now getting around to picking my trees. some of my oranges look like basketballs, HUGE, others are the size of golf balls, i get a kick out choosing what size orange will fit my menu best.

rosemary is just coming into bloom now too, perfect time for a homegrown salad~

pomegranate orange salad

red onion

orange rosemary dressing

olive oil
orange zest
orange juice
rice wine vinegar
Dijon mustard
red onion