Friday, February 28, 2014

beach diary 2-8 thru 3-1

we drove over right after a big storm, the road was flooded, we had to take a detour through sonoma. arrived at the beach to see lots of problems, plenty of leaking roofs as plastic was abundant through out.

took katie over for her first meet and greet, to bad she drew blood, nothing like nonstop puppy gnawing teeth!

been so dry, but the rains finally gave the earth the drink it needed, saw my first douglas iris on the 13th.

valentines was sweet as ever, scott surprised me when i woke up to find 4 pounds of sees on the table~

katie went to the vets for the first time on the 15th~

after 3 weeks cassie is opening up to katie, sometimes she upsets herself when she tries to play with her, usually she is on the leash and can't join in. i swear cassie has to remind herself she isn't suppose to like her...

as i type this katie escaped her pen, climbed it like king kong, straight up a ladder. i, against my better judgement, let her run around the house unfettered. of course she peed twice in 30 minutes, she has NO concept of potty training, always goes when i take her out, but just as happily lets loose with no qualms indoors... i saw her licking cassies face as she did a low growl.

she is mad about the cats, so far only 2 deal with her... mercifully, she is passed out now, heavy sigh of relief~

her jaws are around his neck...

she has her mouth over his whole head...

on her 10th week katie got her first leash walk up the coast...

then we looked at 40 acres i want... so remote, hard to get too, but i would still love to buy it. will run the numbers when we get home and take another trip out there. its hard when you know you are aging, i would love to live so removed from the world, but scott is practical and thinks of hospitals, grocery stores and costco's, he reminds me i love homegoods too... we are getting older, we should be thinking in the long term and this place is hours from civilization and loads of money from the ground up.

katie got her first off leash beach dog walk yesterday in the lull between the storms. the night before was a duzey. on the way to the beach saw a giant tree snapped in half, my neighbors patio furniture was all over the lawn, next doors giant pots fell over and shattered. our kitchen slider leaked :-(

for one hour the wildest winds hammered us, a eucalyptus blocked the road by the fire station, i am thrilled our sky lights held in the wind! they say more of the same today, it poured over night, we have a swiftly running wide river in the backyard, my neighbor has a lake. katie was perfect at the beach, she kept looking for me since i lag behind trying to get pics, was nice to feel wanted.

had our first book club discussion last night, great fun to meet readers, eaters and drinkers! i select our book next month, fingers crossed its 5 stars~

took the girls for a rainy sunset walk, its official, CASSIE PLAYED WITH KATIE! it was so dark it was hard to get shots, plus i wasn't wearing glasses to even try and focus, but they ran in circles, leapt over tide pools and even greeted fellow beach walkers, CUTE CUTE CUTE!

too bad the walk was marred, when we arrived the wind had toppled a garbage can, cassie looked in and took the full brunt of a skunk in the face... the ENTIRE beach wreaked as we walked to the end of the cove... came home to a hydrogen peroxide bath, cranked up the heat and cassie is non the worse for wear tonight... thank heavens, but i will never forget today, seeing cassie this full throttle happy has been at least 3 years, i am loving my dynamic duo!

hating to head home already, i love the ease of here so much, but i can tell you i crave new floors as soon as katie is potty trained... oy, never had to go though this, last time my puppies never ONCE messed in the house, katie is just in lalaland...

i do miss my family at home though, will be great to see them all again, until next time, this will always be my sea dream~