Monday, February 24, 2014

katies first beach walk!

i used to keep a daily beach diary, it seems my blog has turned into the katie diaries of late... face it, i am extremely busy minding this wee one, any chance of a milestone in her furry life warrants a photo session from me. we have been keeping her away from the beach, but today i couldn't stand it anymore... husband got home from work on a gorgeous warm calm winters day, 5 days of rain start tomorrow, the true calm before the storm. the sea was like glass, a perfect time to test the waters. we carried her to the wet sand, mindful of parvo i rather her feet only touch the virgin land.

I KNOW cassie would have played with katie today, she raced up to her and tried, but alas she is stuck on leash until she is 17 weeks old at the beach. BUT ITS THE BREAK THROUGH WE WANTED! in fact, TWO break throughs!

cassie is terrified of other dogs, today a pack of 6 dogs came up and surrounded katie, she was in hog heaven, instant playmates! cassie took off and was about 50' away. there is a regular beach group that walks every morning with about a dozen dogs from corgies to newfoundlands, with every size in between. they rule the beach, my dogs have always had to stay away from them...

today, the late afternoon was so gorgeous they came back for another walk, i knew cassie would be a wreck... katie latched onto the giant husky, corgie and spaniel, suddenly in comes CASSIE! katie gave cassie the courage to join the group! THIS IS MAJOR! i think i am going to end up with a new dynamic duo, katie loves everyone and she will give cassie the confidence to socialize. we were invited to join their morning group, as soon as katie is old enough to be safe sounds like a great idea for both my girls~

katie is mastering down :-)

can't wait to bring her back again and again, once she is off leash these memories will be long gone of ever even being able to hold her~