Monday, September 8, 2014


today the novel bakers are featuring...

i have to say, every time i crack open a new book i think THIS is my favorite of the all the picnic books! but i truly think this one is... at least visually. i love this book, a feast for your eyes with loads of inventive ideas and picnics to spark your imagination...

or envy~

once again, i always feel such pressure on which picnic to engage in, since my private plane was in the shop and africa was just to hard to squeeze in for a weekend getaway i decided to do something managable!

after an early morning dog walk in the fog i came home to whip up a batch of cornbread...

the day before i had made a big batch of chili, living on the coast you can count on cool days to enjoy some thing hot on your hike. while the cornbread baked, i gathered up the rest of our picnic goodies~

instead of bringing plain ole gorp, i thought we would enjoy gorp cookies so much more!

with our bite size acorns and walnut sized cornbread out of the oven, time to load up the thermos and head up the coast for one of my favorite hikes~


i couldn't help but pack a few bandanas after reading this...

time to take this show on the road!




in case it wasn't apparent with the over abundance of photos, it was a fabulous day for a hike and picnic, but the girls were eager to get back on the trail again...

i love having two strong steeds to haul me back up hill after our huge meal...

wishing you all happy trails ... and picnics in your future~

***doggie out takes, i'm almost ready for my close up mr demille...

ying and yang

as a funny aside, needless to say, this was the first time katie had been allowed on a table... imagine our shock when later that night she decided to sleep on our dining room table! why do they learn the bad habits instantly and struggle with the good...

i wonder whats cooking with the novel bakers and guests today, one thing is for sure, i will bet they don't have dogs on their dining room tables!


  1. Oh I think this was my hands down favorite picnic of yours...I don't know if was your adorable canine companions, the gorgeous scenery, bandana fun or trail fixins including gorp cookies that put it over the top for me! That scenery is right off a postcard, I think I would have to pinch myself to make sure it's real. I love the Gorp Cookies, a much sweeter delivery system and who wouldn't want acorn pieces of cornbread to crumble in their chili?! No wonder your hubby wants to know when the next picnic is, I'm sure the girls are raring to go again too :) Thanks for the fun this morning, I'll be back for another armchair CA vacation to the Russian River!

  2. Jain,
    You have inspired me to try this book again with your beautiful photos and the recipes you have tried. After a very frustrating and unpleasant experience in trying to get the book I think I approached it with a bad attitude! I am a list lover and the ones in the book are so clever. The chili recipe looks and sounds delicious and will be perfect for the cool weather we will be having soon. And all those bandana uses are so cute, but I think they look best on those two gorgeous girls. They seem so confident posing for their photo shoot. They must know how beautiful they are! I'm sure you must have had a hard time shooing cute Katie off of her new perch, with those innocent eyes and floppy ears in front of you.
    Your local scenery is amazing -- such natural, unspoiled beauty all around you. I don't think I would ever want to go inside.
    Thank you so much for including me in picnic week. I'm already looking forward to the next Novel Bakers Week!

  3. I don't know what is more gorgeous ...the scenery shots or the food. What a wonderful post!
    Katie has grown into a such a beauty. I bet both your girls just love these hikes.
    Your bandanas and gorp cookies coordinate perfectly with the scenery. Such beautiful photos.