Sunday, September 7, 2014


this is a double your pleasure picnic! for the record, picnic, by dee dee stovel and picnic!, by edith stovel, are the same book... who knew! i thought perhaps her daughter wrote a sequel... no worries, i was happy to indulge in 2 picnics!

as i mentioned before, when reviewing picnic! on monday, this book is chalk full of picnic ideas, i was happy to embrace the california wine country picnic, courtesy of the oakville grocery! to make it all that much more spontaneous and enjoyable for me, i did zero cooking, i just grabbed the picnic basket, my trusty traveling california cutting board, a couple of grape plates and out the door we went~

hop in, we are off for some fun!

i loved grabbing our picnic on the road, it was a crowded wine country sunday, but we had our own special little spot we know about in st helena all to ourselves. we relished the breeze under the deep shade of the pergola.

i was thrilled to grab grilled artichokes, roasted garlic, freshly made sourdough, local artisan creamy cheese, chicken and pasta salads, a medley of olives and 2 huge bar cookies choc full of apricots, chocolate and other wholesome goodies. even though this is wine country we chose to stay sober with peppermint lemonade and grapefruit with ginger.

refreshed and fueled, we are off to enjoy our california wine country day~

stop in and see whats cooking, or NOT, with the novel bakers and guests today~