Friday, September 12, 2014

art for the heart

today i would like to share 3 adorable little picnic books, perfect to expand your horizons and artistic endeavors~

pinched for time and unable to visit europe this year, bring a little travel and style right to your own doorstep...

who wouldn't like to visit van goghs market feast in arles...

enjoy a starry night supper in provence...

or partake in a campfire cookout...

not in the mood for france, italy is gorgeous in fall...

lunch among the olives...

make a harvest picnic

or an autumn lunch...

or perhaps feast with monet in a secret garden...

no matter where you are, make your next picnic an artful event~

with color wheels

paint pot smoothies

still life dishes

oil painted veggies

color chip salad

country french movements

vibrant tones

spilled paint cake

and artist palette cookies


  1. Oh emm gee...I'm speechless... I don't know why I'm blown away by your creativity, it should come as no surprise by now. You have elevated picnicking to an ART! Paint palette cookies, spilled paint cake, color chip salad and paint pot smoothies! There are not enough adjectives in my limited vocabulary. Your Valspar paint cans, water color set, brush and water jars and still life dishes, icing art...*sigh* I didn't get this little set of delightful picnic books but even if I had I would never had made such an artful and painterly picnic! Thanks for organizing the fun this week, you took picnicking to new and delicious heights! I'll be back to take more painting and picnic lessons again :)

  2. Simply TOO fabulous! I could go on forever about all the clever ways you referenced art and tied it to the picnics, so beyond clever and over the top creative! The color wheel, the paint pot smoothies, the cake and cookies! And the vignette you created on the back of the truck! What a delight Jain!!

  3. I'm with Mary, count me in for the painting and picnic lessons. I sure could use them.
    Your art-themed picnic brought to mind an event that used to be held every spring way back in the years when I was in elementary school. It was called "Art in the Park". All schools in our area participated in the art show held in a historical park and if you were fortunate to have an art project on display it was quite an honor.
    I think your picnic would be a perfect lunch for the Art in the Park event. Thank you for a trip down memory lane.