Friday, May 30, 2014

water in the garden...

inspired by private edens, with its pages graced in cool verdant pastoral living, stirring the deepest longing in my soul for peace and solitude, i grabbed my camera and visited several gardens awaiting my lens. today i want to share my favorite garden element, water, from the sound, to the movement, to the cooling allure, i was drawn from the grand to the subtle...

relax, refresh yourself ...

infused water with...

blueberries, lime and mint
orange, lemon, lime and rosemary
strawberries, basil, mint
roses, raspberries, mint


  1. I hear the fountains in our own garden as I type this comment. Yes, water in a garden is a must! You photos are spectacular. The turtle shot especially.
    Thanks for a wonderful week with the Novel Bakers in the garden.

  2. Oh your garden water shots combined with your infused water...I'm inspired to mix some up this week, with our temperatures in the 90's all week. Love the skewered and 'straw' berries :) Thanks again for organizing our delicious and gardening fun this week. ♥

  3. Your photos are over the top...just beautiful. I too love the sound of water in the garden. It just adds to the peacefulness. Your infused waters are so inviting and make for a lovely photoshot themselves.