Monday, May 19, 2014

in and out of the garden

in and out of the garden is an ADORABLE book made for the young gardener at heart... oh how i wish i was young... i am just going to say this upfront, the font in this book is shockingly small for my old eyes, BUT the content is EVERYTHING I LOVE! i just couldn't see it...

i even went to amazon to read the reviews to see if i was alone in my thoughts, i can tell you who is over 50 there! i felt like this book was written for a family of mice, this old elephant struggled like mad to read her artistic endeavors, but even with that caveat in place, i still think this book is incredibly charming. starting from the table of contents i knew the book would be filled with artful whimsy~

every page is a treat for those that seek...

"in march and in april, from morning to night;

in sowing and setting good huswives delight.

to have in their garden, or some other plot:

to brim up their house, & to furnish their pot."

oh how magical and whimsical does this garden grow, learned little tidbits will tickle your toes~

thank you for stopping by, be sure to pop in and out of the garden with


  1. Be Still My Heart...your garden bits and pieces! I adore your style, you did this book proud with your whimsical take of soaking the seeds and growing a lemon lavender tree! I couldn't make out half the words of the darling calligraphied illustrations, even after and attempt to enlarge the photos. I want to linger over all your shots and of course the clean up crew! I have a list of chores a mile long today, nothing near as fun, this is as good as it gets for me today. I'll be back for another taste and to grab a few cookies!

  2. The Novel Bakers have selected one of my favorite little journals. A copy of IN AND OUT OF THE GARDEN has been in my library since it was first published. She has another delight ~ SOUTH OF FRANCE SKETCHBOOK that she published in the 90s. You would like it too. Her journals have made me long to create some of my own, but without the talent my attempts never pleased the eye. Your tribute to this sweet book is gorgeous. I'm in love with your watering can, by the way. '-)
    Thanks for another delicious garden treat!

  3. Hi Jain. Your photos are always spectacular. I love the way you made the heart with the old glove as the center! I have this book too and yes it is a challenge to read so I mostly just look at the pictures.
    Those little cookies are so cute. You are an amazing baker, actually you seem to be amazing at quite a few things :)

  4. Your post today was so beautiful that I can't wait to see this book. Even though everyone is saying how hard it is to read I still want it. It just looks so darling. Every one of your photos are absolutely gorgeous and they tell a wonderful story about this book.

  5. I love coming here to see a true artist at work and play, but I also greatly treasure your wit: "a family of mice." Lordy, I'm still laughing and smiling. Smiling and chuckling at your magnifying glass (I used one, too) /binoculars/reading glasses vignettes. I could almost hear you humming with glee as you created your floral glove series. And those cookies. My older eyes misread I LOVE YOU GARDEN for I LOVE YOU GARREN. I kept thinking, Who is Garren? Is that Scott's middle name or a long lost love? Was Garren in the book? Sara's long lostie? Then it hit me. Jeez, I need Ginko Biloba infusions (arterial). This pot accomplishes so much--beauty/eye candy, the best humor, creativity, and a mood lifter--all at once. I'm still smiling! And I'm hungry: I can just imagine how those cookies smell and taste. Then, you go and end the post with two adorable girls.
    I cannot wait until tomorrow to see what you and Mary have cooked up!

  6. I keep hoping those cookies would magically appear next to my teacup.... *sigh* I can only imagine what your Private Eden will look like tomorrow, mine's going to look more like the Garden of Weedin' :)

  7. Oh Jain, I am exhausted! So much eye candy, so little time!I love your stamped cookies, your black and white buddies, your beautiful photos and the quaint watercolors in this treasure of a book. I can only imagine the extent of energy you Novel Bakers put forth during your special weeks, and I want you to know how appreciated your creative work is...