Monday, May 19, 2014

in and out of the garden

in and out of the garden is an ADORABLE book made for the young gardener at heart... oh how i wish i was young... i am just going to say this upfront, the font in this book is shockingly small for my old eyes, BUT the content is EVERYTHING I LOVE! i just couldn't see it...

i even went to amazon to read the reviews to see if i was alone in my thoughts, i can tell you who is over 50 there! i felt like this book was written for a family of mice, this old elephant struggled like mad to read her artistic endeavors, but even with that caveat in place, i still think this book is incredibly charming. starting from the table of contents i knew the book would be filled with artful whimsy~

every page is a treat for those that seek...

"in march and in april, from morning to night;

in sowing and setting good huswives delight.

to have in their garden, or some other plot:

to brim up their house, & to furnish their pot."

oh how magical and whimsical does this garden grow, learned little tidbits will tickle your toes~

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