Saturday, January 25, 2014

the novel bakers present~

home made winter~

i am not sure how i stumbled upon these cookbooks last summer, but i was immediately enthralled and ordered them all from my library. i like to preview cookbooks before i make an investment, with so many recipes online i really want to be sure a cookbook is worth owning, and in my humble opinion, this trio, home made, homemade winter and home made summer are wonderful books. when i find something i love, of course, i think of the novel bakers joining in the fun!

when the author finished home made she realized she just wasn't quite done, she still had so much more she wanted to share. coming from ireland, the land of cold and wet, she wrote 2 additional volumes, homemade winter is her homage to ireland and homemade summer is her tribute to the warmer months in france.

i adore her style, she is artistic, humorous and tasty too, a pretty wonderful combo in my ideal book!

face it, how many books greet you with a welcome cocktail in the preface~

considering this is winter you would think this would be the time for fabulous heavy and savory concoctions, but i live in california, and currently this winter is nothing but a big fat drought, it is positively scary dry. sure, the temps dropped to 8 degrees during a few cold snap weeks here and there, but on a whole, this is a non winter, which means the sun is shinning and finding recipes that fit today, with an 80 degree high expected, means i am more interested in pursuing lighter menus. although this is not much of a kick off for this wonderful cookbook, today is dedicated to beverages.

one thing winter does mean in california is it is citrus time. much to the shock of the rest of the world, citrus ripens in december, after 9 months of sunshine it finally is time to reap the benefits. we all know i don't need to share so many pics, but for me, its all about the harvest; the containers, baskets, colors, the picking, breathing the fresh scents, marveling at gods perfect creations, i just adore all things citrus. sorry, you are stuck looking at me play with my food...

i confess i am purist, i never think to augment my juices, the addition of ginger is now my new favorite drink~

oy, like you aren't sick of my pics yet... but i am NOT! my husband is so in love with the juice that i have made 4 bottles in 3 days, he is calling it nectar from the gods. what delights me most is he claims to not like ginger, now if only i could find a way to trick him into loving lemons as much as i do...

i never, ever, make smoothies, i am just not one to drink my calories, i am too busy eating my way through life to be adding beverages into my already overly abundant caloric intact... BUT, IT'S CITRUS SEASON! after picking a crate load of grapefruits, oranges, mandarins, tangerines, lemons and limes i am willing to try any new recipe once!

banana smoothie

2cups plain yogurt
2 bananas
1 cup orange or clementine juice
T honey
fresh nutmeg

now that we have drank healthily, its time to live it up the irish way with a decadently delicious irish cream, move over baileys, you have meet your match! this is my personal ode to ireland, my waterford crystal and belleck china grace the photos, but the real star is the TASTE! i poured myself a wee bit to hefty of a glass while filling the bottles, i may have been seeing my lucky irish stars, put i did find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow ;-)

if your not too sloshed, please stop in the visit the girls all this week, you just KNOW they will have something beautiful and enticing to share with you~

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