Monday, January 6, 2014

blackberry lemon gin and tonic

last week i made blackberry thyme gin, i couldn't wait to make blackberry lemon g&t's. i had been outside in the warm sun reading all day, tossed off my visor and grabbed my binoculars to watch a dozen whales pass by. it was the perfect end to the day, a sunset walk, cocktails in hand, escorted by dogs and whales. sure, i don't need to share so many pics, but i love this time of day, when the fading light dances on the table and makes the cocktails shine and glimmer like fire...

for the record i don't recommend cocktailing and dog walking, we watched the sunset and emptied our glasses, i was a wee bit to relaxed to even get home, who knew if i even owned dogs ;-) i will say these are fabulous!

Blackberry and Meyer Lemon Gin and Tonics

per glass~

5 already gin soaked blackberries from my blackberry thyme gin
3 torn fresh mint leaves
1/2 Meyer lemon juiced
simple syrup to taste
blackberry thyme gin
tonic water

muddle the berries and mint, add lemon juice and slice, simple syrup, gin and tonic to taste~