Sunday, October 27, 2013

a letter from home...

i had just sat down for a relaxing cup of tea when my husband came home from the post office, i knew things had gone to far, i would have to respond...

they arrived so beautiful...

but their words ached with the truth...

note to self...


  1. I absolutely love these! Such a wonderful, cleaver idea!
    I do hope that it might be a chain letter so that I may receive one...they look so delicious!
    I think this would be an adorable idea for Valentines Day...love letters...with a heart in place of the leaf! How I wish my love will send me one!

  2. Oh you are too creative~ pastry and fruit filled envelopes, just the kind of mail I'd love to receive! I was wondering if anyone was harvesting your bounty of figs etc. in your absence. It's nice to know you are missed, too clever :)

  3. Oh I ADORE this fruit filled envelopes!! So very clever.
    Going back up to ooh and aww... :)

  4. thanks girls, and dang i should have thought of chain letters too, very clever!

  5. Pastry envelopes! what a sweet letter to receive indeed! Clever and delicious I am sure!