Sunday, September 15, 2013

apple season on the coast


Mary said...

I always adore your series of shots and the story they tell. What a wonderful barn and backdrop. I still have a serious case of crate envy! It's no coincidence that your chairs are the perfect shade of blue :)

cippy said...

Love it! Never too many photos. I think the final photo is my favorite...it just pulls it all together...the blue label with the blue chairs and blue sky....the tiny yellow flowers with the yellow in the apples and the dill...all inclusive with the fence and the barn which kinda sets the scene and tells the story. Great job!

Jacqueline said...

You do, you do, you do tell the most marvelous stories with your pictures! I am with you - I don't want one or two photos - I want to be delighted by photos. And if a cookbook isn't going to delight me with any photos - not worth my time (usually!)

Thanks, you are always a visual delight!