Wednesday, September 4, 2013

gathering in the garden an outdoor picnic

welcome to our next visit this week with a gathering in the garden~

today i am sharing chapter two, the indoor outdoor picnic. i have been living at the beach for close to 2 months now, between fog, mist and raging wind i was pretty sure this would be an indoor affair... SURPRISE! SURPRISE! i woke up to CLEAR SKIES! we took the dogs to the beach before the sun had even brightened the shoreline, i knew today was my day for the perfect outdoor picnic! i rushed home and began gathering my goodies, i didn't want to waste a minute, i saw the fog just hanging on the shoreline, it was a matter of when, not IF, it would come tip toeing in again...

living in a small beach village, it is rather a close knit community, and lucky for me, i live next door to a very long term resident who is affectionately called the mayor of our beach. in other words, she knows everyone, and everyone adores her! with her free beach pass to get out of jail i asked her if she knew who owned the house that just hangs over the beach, the one with the perfect deck for a gorgeous picnic... with the help of two very kind people, TA*DA*, let the fun begin!

when i first stepped out of my car the day was blindingly beautiful, i may drive by this deck many times a week, but what a treat to stand high above the dunes and evergreens at beach level. i squealed when i saw the vultures sunning themselves in the tippy tops of the trees~

after a tour of the house and a nice long chat, i got down to some serious seaside picnic fun...

thank you all for stopping by to enjoy the novel bakers!