Wednesday, September 4, 2013

gathering in the garden an outdoor picnic

welcome to our next visit this week with a gathering in the garden~

today i am sharing chapter two, the indoor outdoor picnic. i have been living at the beach for close to 2 months now, between fog, mist and raging wind i was pretty sure this would be an indoor affair... SURPRISE! SURPRISE! i woke up to CLEAR SKIES! we took the dogs to the beach before the sun had even brightened the shoreline, i knew today was my day for the perfect outdoor picnic! i rushed home and began gathering my goodies, i didn't want to waste a minute, i saw the fog just hanging on the shoreline, it was a matter of when, not IF, it would come tip toeing in again...

living in a small beach village, it is rather a close knit community, and lucky for me, i live next door to a very long term resident who is affectionately called the mayor of our beach. in other words, she knows everyone, and everyone adores her! with her free beach pass to get out of jail i asked her if she knew who owned the house that just hangs over the beach, the one with the perfect deck for a gorgeous picnic... with the help of two very kind people, TA*DA*, let the fun begin!

when i first stepped out of my car the day was blindingly beautiful, i may drive by this deck many times a week, but what a treat to stand high above the dunes and evergreens at beach level. i squealed when i saw the vultures sunning themselves in the tippy tops of the trees~

after a tour of the house and a nice long chat, i got down to some serious seaside picnic fun...

thank you all for stopping by to enjoy the novel bakers!


  1. Great arrangement. The food looks delicious!

  2. Jain, you've taken us to the edge of the world, where dreams dance in the wind and the next, sweet breath waits in the fog. You've created a blue dream, hugging the Pacific Rim, a place where vultures roost (and entrance this landlocked, but nature loving hick)
    and clouds swoop into the sea. Bandy wants that wine (he saw a movie of the same title). I want a slice of pie. This is such an enchanting post... the little crab is trying to get a sip of wine, the starfish was washed up against the lantern, the blue Mason jar and blue straws. And crab cups! I want! The fish bottles, the blue bandana, the flatware crossed so cleverly. And the lanterns...the glass lights resemble bubbles. I see crab sauce plates. And beyond all of this fine food and tabletop art, I see the blue, blue sea. And then we get to s'mores, a dessert that makes me feel like I'm a girl again. I can't wait until Friday to see what joy you've added to the world.

  3. Oh I would squeal with delight to be able to picnic with that glorious view! Such fun, you do the best food, and I would love to dress to chill with our summer heat! Your asparagus pie looks perfect and a glass of Pacific Rim would be wonderful too gazing off into the sea... and s'mores cookie cups for dessert! I love all your seaside accessories from your cloth, flatware, dishes and ocean bubble lanterns. Dining with you is always delicious and a feast for the eyes!

  4. So beautiful Jain! I just love anything beachy and you have really gone over the top this time. So glad your neighbor was cooperative because the setting was so wonderful for your indoor-outdoor picnic. The food looks delish...hoping to see some recipes follow.

  5. Hi Jain, I'm usually a silent admirer and fan of your blog--I come for inspiration and delight in your photos--but today I must say I love this setting! So much to look at on your tables and beachy dishes are my weakness. That view is incredible. I love the photo with the flag waving in the background. Thank you for bringing us this series from the Novel Bakers! Linda

  6. Hi there, What a delightful picnic you've shared with us; each touch is delightful. I have looked for your profile to see where you are from-although I'm now in Colorado, I lived 57 yrs in northern Ca. The beaches look like they could be there. I'm off to the bookstore today to get the book. Love your dog too.
    Hugs, Noreen

  7. I thought that was you! So good to hear from you!
    What a stunning post from the gorgeous ocean to the fabulous assortment of accessories to the mouthwatering food! Everything is spectacular and I wish I were there with you to enjoy!!!!
    So glad you got a perfect day to create such lovely images!

  8. i want to thank you all for stopping and commenting, it truly brightens my day, i have so much fun sharing with the novel bakers and i love to read what you all have to say!

    thanks for visiting, jain~

  9. How brave and bold, not to mention energetic, of you to ask to borrow that incredible spot!! And to tote all those amazing things with you! People need to appreciate how physical tablescaping is!! Totally Fabulous, over the top beautiful and definitely worth your incredible effort! The sunlight bouncing off of the glass elements and beautiful tableware was competing with the glorious view and there was so much eye candy it was a feast all around!

  10. Good grief ~ I love all of your beachy shots! So refreshing in blue and white.

    And your food too ~ the Asparagus IS Dressed to Chill, that looks delicious. What a great idea to skewer the pinwheels and serve them on the soup bowl. And S'mores cookies ~ I just picked up everything to make them last weekend. I like they way you baked them in cup shapes.

    Lots to look at, I'm going back to admire it all again!