Monday, December 3, 2018

doggie advent*ures december third

Katie LOVES balls, look she is already licking her lips...
so many choices, which one should I take?
I think I will give the blue to cassie...
ok lets go!
cassie has never been a ball baby, she is an older girl and prefers just resting as Katie runs wild
now this is when I should show you all those hot shot border collie pics, leaping, running, back flipping, and turst me, galloping border collies are my most FAVORITE thing on the earth, but I am just one gal, I need to throw the ball, find my glasses and then focus a camera on a moving object, it ain't gonna happen before that ball lands! but look, you can see she is tired and panting ;-)
this is her look of extreme happiness
I almost got something fancy...
but I do better when she is resting...
or chasing floating objects
cassie loves water, but it was below freezing this morning, she is telling me no thanks I'm good...
but Katie moved right into the frigid fountain~
thanks girls, I had a ball, or three!


  1. Too fun...I remember Cassie's love of water and cooling off in your fountains on your hilltop. Love seeing that look of pure joy...great capture!