Wednesday, January 24, 2018

garden chronicles, the trees~

its a rainy day, the perfect time to curl up by the fire with my new kitty and garden books...

mystery must have lived here before, the first night I crawled in bed I heard a cat yowling on my deck, my heart stopped, I have enough cats... for the next few months anytime I was at the house I spied her, at the barn, hunting, on the deck, at the back door, drinking from our fountains, she was ever present. and skinny... I cannot turn my eyes from animals in need. soon she was sleeping on the deck nightly...

oy, I don't want anymore pets...

I can only try to convince myself no for so long until reality sets in and I know I must do the right thing, trap and spay her, I will not turn into a breeding ground! I fixed 29 cats one summer, I believe in zero population growth!
I was bringing her food one morning with fuzzy slippers on, she RACED to me, I was afraid she was going to attack my feet as prey, then she began weaving round my legs, she wasn't feral! I quickly called a clinic to get in my little mystery cat, scooped her up and locked her in a bathroom for a week in case she had anything contagious. fast forward, she is one the THE BEST cats I have ever owned! poor thing had been shot, she is barely a year old, but she has zero fear. she is as loyal and smart as my border collie, she comes running to her name every time. she fits in perfect with the other cats and plays with katie. we named her mysty, she is our mystery, and for the mists that weave through the hills and her soft gray fur...

on to the garden, I like to keep records, at my age I need to remember what names I planted!

trees planted

 from the crescent ...
variegated box elder
white dogwood 4
florabunda crabapple
White dogwood
akebono cherry tree
mt Fuji cherry
lawsons cypress

Star Jasmine
Pink Jasmine
White clematis armandii early sensation
Almond tree
Lawson cypress
mt Fuji cherry
akebono cherry
florabunda crabapple
Japanese maple

to north perimeter...

green giant thuja 10
deodor 3
tupelo 2
green giant 6
redwood 5
prunus blireana
trident maple
blood leaf Japanese maple
7 green giant thuja
pin oak
red maple
red maple
willow oak
baileys acacia
sango kaku coral bark maple
Blood leaf Japanese maple
butterfly maple (variegated)
Pin oak
liquid amber burgundy 3
thuja yellow ribbon 3
Raywood ash
box elder
festival liquid amber 7
corckscrew willow
Vitex blue
silver dollar eucalyptus
ca pepper tree
Red ironwood eucalyptus
red maple
jaquemonti birch 3
Chinese pistache 3

Rose garden
Green giant 20

east perimeter...

15 moonglow juniper
16 green giant thuja
16 moon glow juniper
6 Bradford pear
5 Italian cypress
5 Italian cypress
6 Bradford pear
16 green giant thuja
16 moon glow juniper
3 Italian cypress

south perimeter...

native pines 4
Arizona cypress
oleander pink standard
oleander white standard
oleander pink standard 2
redwood 3
green giant 3
redwood 4
green giant 2
redwood gray 2
native pine
green giant 3
redwood 3
green giant 3
redwood 5
ginkgo 6
red maple 5
gingko 6
Chinese pistache 2
Redwood 3
California buckeye 3
baileys acacia
purple fountain beech
Norfolk pine
easterm redbud 3
Blood leaf Japanese maple
western redbud 3
black lace sambucca
redwoods 6
Smoke tree royal purple 2
black walnut
baileys acacia
coffee cake persimmon
hychiya persimmon 2

west perimeter...
(see orchard)
yoshino cherry

front yard...
10 sky rocket juniper
3 wilsonii olives
6 meyers lemons
eureka lemon
 Ca pepper
2 wonderful pomegranates
pink crepe myrtle
radiant red crepe myrtles 3
3 arbequina olive trees
swanes Italian cypress
lawsons cypress
2 evergreen pears
robinia purple robe
red sunset maple (center)
raywood ash
autumn blaze maple (left)
oct glory maple (right)
liquid amber
black diamond radiant red crepe myrtle 3
2 Cleveland pears
Bradford pear (center)

Loving a permanent record that I can't misplace
 I am recording our sprinklers!

1) oleander left 20'
2) Italian cypress and front red hot pokers 60'
3 green giant moonglow right 30'
4) green giant moonglow left 30'

B 3:30 AM

5) oleander pear corner right 30'
6) moonglow along fence left 20'


1) hydrangeas and bedroom border 30'
45 recover
2) green giants, viburnum to purple leaf plum 30'
45 recovery
3) redwoods to fall colors and front yard trees 30'
45 recovery
4) iris and white garden 30'

END 5:00 AM

1) green giants to pump house 30'
45' recovery
2) pump house to birch 30'
45' recovery
3) Chinese pistache English laurel hedge 30'
45' recovery
4) buffy and silk tree 30'
45' recovery

ENDS 10:00 PM

BARN M/W/F 5:00 PM
 1) top one and half orchard figs thru frog 45'
45' recovery
2) lower and half orchard 45'
45' recovery
3) fence end 30'
45 recovery
4) blueberries plus 30'
5) frog holler


  1. I think of you, especially, this week as i reminisce of Once in a Blue Moon. So many years ago when I first started following your journey through life. Thank you for all the inspiration to stretch and try more and do more on my level of expression of my little world! Love Mysty....she is where she belongs!

  2. She's a beauty and how great she's a perfect fit with your other kitties. I know she's thankful your took her in. :)