Sunday, January 7, 2018

Garden chronicles, the orchard~

It's been thirty years since I planted an orchard, today felt like Christmas when I added over a dozen more varieties of fruits, some I never even heard of. With level land I can't wait to harvest buckets full of goodness in the years to come!

I use my blog like a reference library, recipes I love, moments in time I enjoy and now recording my garden layouts so five years from now I can check back to see which cultivars names worked out the best. 28 years ago I planted a pluiot, no one had even heard of them, today you can buy them by the box full at Costco. As exotic as pluiots were decades ago, now spelled pluots, but I am old school, I had that same wild thrill today adding aprium, nectaplums and pluerrys. While the rest of the country is freezing, I have been planting on the dry days between the rain, flighty to enjoy our first springs rewards.

Nestled around the barn I surrounded the area with fruit~

Row one...
Bartlett pear
Comice pear
Comice pear
Red Bartlett sensation
Asian pear housi
Sugar twist pluerry
Kadota fig
Brown Turkey fig
Panache tiger fig
Black mission

Row two...
Satsuma plum
Pluiot flavor supreme
Santa Rosa plum
Existing old apricot
Flavor queen pluiot
4 way pluiot
         White splash
             Green geopride
                   Blue emerald drop
                        Yellow flavor grenade
Fuyu persimmon
Arctic star white nectarine
Honeycrisp apple
Golden delicious apple
Bing cherry
Royal Rainer cherry

Row three...
Blenheim apricot
Old apricot
Leah cot aprium
Goldmine nectarine
Fantasia nectarine
Spice zee nectaplum
Granny Smith apple
Gala apple
Beverly hills apple
Royal rainer cherry
Black tartarian
Black tartarian

fence line...
6 Spartan blueberries left side
3 bluecrop bluerberries  right side
 by casita...

Front areas....
Hychiya persimmon 2
Coffee cake persimmon nishimua wase
Black walnut
Old apple tree
Pomegranate wonderful 2
brown turkey fig
Meyer lemons 6
Eureka lemon

Navel orange
Meyers lemon

Side deck
bears lime

trees to plant still
blood orange
rio red grapefruit
golden chain

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