Thursday, December 4, 2014

garden advent dec 4th~

rustic flower pot bread loaves


Mary said...

Love your wee rosemary loaves with the blooming tops! My hubby did a thorough hacking on rosemary about a month ago, I was wishing he had waited, dang it.

Rattlebridge Farm said...

I've never seen blooms on rosemary--how delicate and pretty. Your photos are stunning.

Sarah said...

Rosemary grows in abundance here. I need to try your recipe. Cute little loaves!

cippy said...

Wow!...are those Rosemary popovers? They look delish!
We cannot grow Rosemary here in the northeast. Every year I buy a potted one pruned like a Christmas tree, but it will not last long indoors.

a quiet life said...

cippy it is rosemary olive oil bread... just a wee bit on the crispy side! i am not a bread maker, thats why i love the advent, it makes me think out of the box to try new things.

i made the first batch and the yeast was too old so i had to start over when it never rose... by then it was late in the day and i am at the age where i forgot it was even in the oven! i was ticked off when i remembered it with its extra brown top starring back at me :-(

i took it outside to shoot and the smell was drving me wild... i ran in for a hunk of butter and lathered that burnt baby up, it was perfection inside! not pretty to shoot, but i made about 4 new recipes that day, the bread was my husbands favorite. we sliced them like mini loaves of bread, ADORABLE!

Pam Greer said...

You are filling me with inspiration!