Saturday, December 13, 2014

garden advent dec 13th


Mary said...

I ♥ this! I adore the patina of your green watering can, chalkboard fun and wee can planted. I pulled out my green house ornament a couple of days ago :)

cippy said...

I just adore that greenhouse ornament! I read that Mary has one, too, but I have never seen it before. I really, really like that one a lot. Great post to remind us to keep those trees watered .

Sarah said...

Buzzzzzzzz ~ I want to buzz on over and taste that honey bread. This may be my favorite, Jain. In love with the greenhouse ornament. Where did you girls find these? Also the tray. You find the perfect things every time. You know I'm a bit of a bee fanatic, so this post gives me a buzz! Love every inch of it. I'm off to pin to my Buzzzzzzzz Board!