Sunday, June 30, 2013

turkey pesto basil sandwich

we love this sandwich when at the beach and just too hungry on our way home from shopping at costco. then the light bulb moment came, why not enjoy it at home anytime :-) its a fabulous combination, quick and ready in scant minutes, just microwave for 1-2 minutes to melt the cheese~

turkey and pesto sandwich

torta bread
basil pesto

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

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Monday, June 24, 2013

the circle of kindness ****.*

the novel bakers present; a week of enchanted fables of food, magic and love by jana koplen~

welcome to our last visit with mademoiselle j, this time she is off to ireland, the land of green, an irish journey of the heart. beyond the bluest oceans and over the green hills, along winding roads that pass murmuring sheep down the narrow path lies a small pink cottage overlooking the sea. with rosebushes heavy with pink blossoms and a thatched roof, it is this enchanted spot that mademoiselle j has been invited to spend a time of quiet repose.

in this idyllic spot, with fresh cream and eggs, shannon invites her to savor homemade recipes from the pink cottage...

it is here she begins to understand in the land of many greens that she would find generosity of spirit and compassion that turns the world.

along the way we meet many friends, including the legendary lady that once hosted huge parties that lasted for days on end. she opened a tall cabinet filled top to bottom with dishes, there must have been 200 plates and tea cups!

we stop by the makers of fine irish furniture

and the inn between

but best of all, we go on a picnic by the sea~

before them the most beautiful vista...

***as a quick aside, the salad was delicious, the raspberry dressing was thick and brilliant red, my husband LOVED it, he was scraping the bowl with his fingers to get all the dressing. i don't care for shepherds pie but its my husbands favorite, this recipe was a far cry from those i have made, it was chock full of goodies and i enjoyed making it, my husband loved having it all for himself.

i packed two precooked jars for him, to my surprise he said i don't want cold pie, umm we are driving 30 minutes or more up the coast? he snatched them and nuked them for who knows how long, grabbed a color approved dish towel, wrapped them up and stuck them in the picnic basket. it was a good hour at least before he was able to dine, they were as warm as if i had just pulled them from the oven, he ate BOTH JARS!

while he ate shepherds pie, i was sucking down the brownies... i don't like walnuts mentioned in their chocolate coffee cake, but i love chocolate and coffee and made little coffee brownie bites, with a baileys coffee ganache, topped with chocolate covered coffee beans. i copied mary and even double dipped them... oh they were totally addicting to me, so moist and chewy i was having a hard time thinking without smearing them in my mouth. i took some to a neighbor to curtail my addiction, she called to tell me she loved my chocolate bombs. the picnic was great fun, racing to beat the fog, but just like in ireland its more apt to be wet and moist then a sun filled day by the sea, how else are their hills so green! ***

this little book is about bringing kindness to the world, to fill your heart with friendship and add color into your life. as they gathered around the table of abundance, the circle of kindness was complete. remember there is always time for friendship~

i hope you enjoyed the week with us sharing these darling little books by jana koplen and mary tiegreen, they make thoughtful little gifts and its never to soon to start thinking of stocking stuffers~

join us next month when the novel bakers will present lavender week, we will surely have your mouth watering and nose tingling for the most wonderful versatile herb in the garden~