Saturday, June 22, 2013

the villa della luna ****...

the novel bakers present; a week of enchanted fables of food, magic and love by jana koplen~

before we travel on i want to mention that dancing with the moon and villa della luna are one in the same book, the only difference in the cover, and i was smitten with both... perhaps its the moon within me~

our story continues on with mademoiselle j leaving pistoulet and heading to paris on her way home...

while visiting with her friend, they wander lazily about paris, only to visit a very special tea shop...

"you look like a woman with many questions. let me bring you some tea."

but she was no ordinary shop woman...

you must know that the new moon is a time for beginnings and not the endings. do not be afraid. cherie, you must not be afraid to open your heart...

flustered she looked down to see a note from her friend, it appears her quest was not over, she was heading to villa della luna in italy by the sea~

stepping out onto her balcony she could see a lighthouse in the distance, she thought she heard music and saw a couple dancing in the moon light...

exhausted from a surprising turn of events she soaked in a gardenia scented tub and slept a deep sleep, only to be awakened by the sounds of a childs laughter

the next day she walked down the steep paths to the sea. the child pointed out the lighthouse standing alone...

*** (ok we all know i don't need to share 10 pics of the lighthouse, but yes i do... you see it was a minus tide, that special hour when the sea retreats leaving me lots of spots to place this lighthouse, what you don't know is its pure iron and weighs as much as an anchor... plus i have to carry leashes and balls for the dogs. oh and a camera. and i have to watch said dogs... in other words, this was a big deal to pull this off, so enjoy the dozen shots and think how clever she is to haul that heavy piece of iron way down the beach while watching her 2 unruly dogs and not ruining her camera or dropping the ball and losing the leashes, yes very clever idea, while all the while she was just trying to look in tide pools :-)

why thank you for noticing~)***

she remembered the music from last night and smelled roses. the sunlight was blinding on the water, the song of the waves was a familiar heartbreak. she thought it was a strangely sad place...

after her long walk she was a bit lost, but was greeted warmly in town with a cup of steaming tea, the aroma was distinctly roses. it was the tea of yesterday, to be served to those who are seeking clues from the past to understand the present...

as she pondered her tea she fondly slipped back to her carefree youth seaside, she always did like men of the sea...

she never forgot the day her friend climbed the lighthouse to look out for sharks...

its a good thing he was scouting, he found something far worse... land sharks!

she stirred her tea and took a deep sip, stirring away the chill of that frightening day...

when she finished her tea she suddenly remembered her way

that evening in the grand dining room the woman were served a scrumptious helping of minestrone of memories and reflection...

your guests become more and more joyful as their conversation moves from the past to the present...

the days and nights pass quickly at villa della luna, but there is a certain sadness at the lighthouse by the sea, and always the scent of roses... ahh, but this book is a love story, even one that transcends time~

but it is a magical wee book too, for there is one very special recipe for forgiveness and release~

at this point i was to show you a mouth watering platter of rosemary scented focaccia, nestled next to my minestrone soup, all shot in the brief moment of sunshine, on my california deck by the sea, with the red white and blue heavy iron lighthouse that i hauled all down the beach for novel baker realism... well i'll get real alright, it was a HUGE flop. i am guessing the yeast didn't bloom and i wasn't paying any attention, i always look at the sea, and lucky for me that afternoon i saw a whale breach 3 times in a row! but at this time i didn't look for a foaming yeast, so my bread was just a big ball of playdough... but i did happen to enjoy a sourdough baguette smeared with butter and dunked into my wonderful soup by the sea, so don't fear i still had a delicious and hardy meal, even if i didn't forgive and release anyone. but this isn't about me, its about them, and the happy ending they get thanks to that wonderful focaccia i don't have...

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  1. Oh how I love to watch you bring a book to life...Fun to see the two blooming covers too~

    I thought the very first shot of the lighthouse was real! I'm so impressed with your minus tide and lighthouse shots. I can barely walk two 12 lb dogs down the street at the same time so I'm MORE than impressed about your ability to pull that off, not to mention the spectacular scenery!

    That glorious sunrise shot...your gingerbread surfers, and your visitor, waiting for a cookie no doubt :) Your Minestrone of Memories & Reflections looks delicious even without Foccacia of Forgiveness & Release!

    Such fun always here, thanks for inviting me to join in the fun!

  2. I'm smiling at your gorgeous pictures, I'm sitting still, in a child-like rapture as you narrate the story, and then I'm lmao because I thought the lighthouse was real. Granny needs new glasses, and some muscles, too, while I'm at it. And then I'm laughing until tears are hitting my keyboard as I read about the lead lighthouse, just yea-big yet it is Godzilla. I am awestruck that you carried it to the beach with two dogs. I loved every lighthouse picture because they are beautiful and because I am now attached to the lighthouse. It's fine looking, btw. I flunked my yeast test, too, but the second one foamed, even though I was out of sugar and used honey. Your wit is a treasure, as are your photos. I'm seriously looking forward to Ireland. I love, love, love this.

  3. oh my lord. Tears of laughter are streaming . . . your post started out so stately, sticking close to the storyline, beautiful flowers and all.

    But I started erupting when I read about the time and effort spent during minus tide to get the light house shots while trying to manage your lively fur creatures.

    Then your beach men and narrative just made me LOSE it!! Honestly.

    Ok, now I'm going back to read and take it in a second time, I'm hoping to get through it without a tissue issue.

    This is a GREAT way to start the day ~ with laughter! Love it. See you in Ireland on Friday.

  4. Those little cookie guys are so so cute! I could seriously eat them and the surf boards all in one bite. I had to look close to be sure the lighthouse wasn't a cookie too...maybe that would fill me up. Cheers friend!

  5. As I read this post, the final of the four, I was suddenly aware of the different points of view that were presented by the four of you~the same story told and showcased in 4 different and stunningly original ways...how we look at things through the eyes of our own experiences so that no two of us see things in exactly the same way. I love your comedic asides, and your humble confessions~ I can't wait until Friday to once again be transported by the Novel Bakers!

  6. I'm having such fun reading and taking in each of these amazing posts. Great shots! The lighthouse story made me laugh. You are all so clever with the way you illustrate these passages. Love this and eager for the next one. I'm adding these books to my library. They are filled with charm!