Monday, November 11, 2013

a beach diary 11-3 thru 11-10

11-3 sunday

well i am going to try and keep up with the diary again, we are trying something new and i will see how it works out. we came over in the late afternoon, the drive was memorable and i am so upset my camera was in the back seat with 4 cat carriers and 2 dogs, buried deep in a crevasse... driving through napa and sonoma the grapes were at their peak color, ribbons of gold, burnished copper and burnt sienna snaked along for miles in that glorious late afternoon autumn light... it was a smokey hazy day, the colors popped even more, crossing the napa river, up high, the winery below was a blaze of yellow trees lined against a stark gray and white barn, behind it undulated rivers of gold, just breathtaking. a few grapes still clung to the vines, the deepest darkest blacks of the season. i love fall, my very favorite season, driving through miles of color always dazzles my senses.

we arrived to a very cold setting sun, the parasailers were packed in the sea, a bitter wind blew through our flimsy clothes. after a quick unload scott emptied the truck of mulch we brought over, walked the dogs in the pitch black and then bbq-ed us steaks. gee its good to be back home! but i miss daisy and the kitties so much... i have fed that feral coming on 2 years this december, i miss having her here, but they are safe, warm and feed at home, perhaps when i come back for a longer stay i can try and trap them for a return visit.

scott saw stella and popped over for my gifty, so excited, holiday treasures for me!

11-4 monday

thrilled with the time change, scott gets up at 4:30 am to leave for work, i normally wake up at 5-5:30 so its nice not to be jolted upright, for once i am up before him now and not exhausted by days end with sleep deprivation everyday. was a cold morn, low 30's, scott said it was 24 on the way to work. took the dogs for an early walk and stayed out to water, clean windows and move mulch. i stll stare at the sea and pinch myself that i can garden and see the pacific crash against the headlands at the same time...

3 hours later i made it back inside and had a nice chat with my little santa from afar :-)

decided to tackle a recipe i will have to see to believe... first i baked my own de leche, then packed my container and have my fingers crossed this will turn out. i won't know until tomorrow if i am successful, has to chill for 12 hours once baked. just filling in my diary as the timer clicks away, its such a wonderful day, cool with a brisk wind and the seas are getting heavier as the day progresses. something is happening down there, 2 jeeps and shovels are there, and the tide is SO high its hitting the dunes, love to know the scoop but i am stuck home with the oven roaring~

my opinion is the dessert is 100% failure, i unveil tomorrow, but i know a flop when i see one, impossible indeed!

scott stopped at the store on the way home, arrived home late with a mad rush to the beach in the dark. they are filming on the sand, a car with a mounted camera was driving around on the dark shore, 1/2 the parking lot was closed off for the crew. the sun had already set and we could barely see the sea, but the dogs got a good romp.

came home and made a new pasta dish, when we sat down to eat i saw weird lights, i said could that be a boat out there? its was a minus tide, high winds, rough seas and cold, that channel is deadly... quickly i guessed it was helicopter and had scott grab the marine radio. as we dine nice and toasty the coast guard is dropping down a radio to a stranded boat beached in the channel. its like a movie playing out, asking if they have any injuries and way to keep warm until high tide arrives at 12:30 am, i hear the man say can you call my loved one, let her know the situation. i would freak out if if the coast guard calls to tell me that my husband is beached in that channel... gulp.

the coast guard helicopter pulls away and i hear bodega bay coast guard take over and notify san francisco cg. they kept calling the boat but they couldn't hear him, we could, and then boom our batteries die... here i sit, warm and full, and now i know at least one person is stuck at sea, its so odd being so close to such a dangerous channel. a month ago a man died throwing over crab pots, 5 people on board, he got tangled in the cages and was pulled underwater and died in 10' of water. with 4 other people above how could they not cut the lines, its this stuff that haunts me, it all unfolds right out my window...

11/5 tuesday

such a beautiful day, 45 this morn verses in the 30s yesterday, walked the dogs and it just plain felt warm! the surf line is gorgeous, big sets with loads of white crests, just a crispy clean day. i could see the waves crashing at bodega headland, thought about the man stuck last night and hope it was a clean getaway for him.

trying to truly pull away from plugs, plan was to sit outside and read the day away with a pot of tea, but my kindle battery was dead, i left it here by mistake and everything had to be unplugged for the kittens... i miss them all so much, there are 6 pets here and it feels empty, i miss the wild childs! while the kindle recharges i came online to update my reading rules, which i have failed at miserably... i read when i am happy, the past few months, with so many life changes, has taken its toll on me, i have only read 130 books this year, for the last 2 months i have barely cracked a spine... today was to be my calm re-entry in the wonderful world of my private thoughts and words, but to sit in the sun i need my paperwhite...

speaking of paperwhites, the house is full of them in all their glory! i need more, i am going to have a naked holiday...

the dessert was a failure, but now i can see what i may have done wrong. the flan is suppose to reverse it self, i made the brownies first and waited 75 minutes to make the de leche, in that time the batter hardened, if it was warm when i filled the container i bet it would have been perfect. its so huge and dense, like eating fudge wrapped in flan, but that didn't stop me from scarfing some down! took hot tea to dissolve the chocolate stuck in my throat, this is not very sharable and i have enough to feed scores :-(

frustrated, first the paperwhites not charged, then when i head out to open umbrella, the screw is rusted shut and can't use it. to bright to read in full sun... ended up playing with chalk~


coast guard training in the bay, smoke bombs, huge planes and jumpers, with all the real life rescues i respect them more and more here each day.

such a pretty day stopped in to visit with stella and caught up on the news. learned a neighbors golden retriever was killed by a deer... rutting season is a dangerous time, i learned decades ago to keep out of harms way, not only the pets, but people too...

gorgeous sunset, didn't walk the beach, i should have, but i was missing scott and didn't want to go alone. my times have changed, i am spoiled with him here so much now...

11-6 wed

a very hazy lazy day by the sea, did some cooking, played with pics and worked on my blog, love having my own personal cookbook online to refer back to over time. have called a friend a couple of times the last week to no response, wasn't worried, thought perhaps traveling, just found out she has been in isolation in the hospital for over a week... spoke only a sentence or two to her, she was in so so much pain and so tired she had to hang up. prayers are for her to get well soon...

scott arrived to late for a beach walk, but i did get a truck load of mulch :-) oh and a pound of sees!

11-7 thursday

rough night not sleeping, woke up at one and laid there until 3:30... finally doze and then had a nightmare, a real duzey, woke up seeing stars and shortness of breath... didn't want to disturb scott, was truly scared. he left at 4:30 i slept in late, didn't want to even get up for the dogs, just felt exhausted before i even got out of bed.

took dogs and stayed out to mulch, i need so much i am shocked. i need a local source! beautiful morning, maggie took off in the millisecond i went in to get pruning sheers, pop out and she was gone... she was barking at the dog that lost its sister to the deer... in for lunch and suddenly the weather changed, the fog was spilling over the mountains and real chill in the air.

spent hours playing in my room, even sat down which delighted nick to have company in his room. took the dogs for a very cold walk and i was very under dressed in the dark. i thought the coast was clear, but a young deer was in the pasture, cassie charged it, i could hear it smack into the barb wire, sometimes i wish i had a shock collar for her. miss scott to much these days, funny how i could stay forever before, now that we are only apart one night i miss him way to much, he was gone 2 times this week...

11-8 friday

beautiful day, saw 37 degrees when i woke up, but when i took the dogs at 7:30 it was warm and wonderful. the fog was skirting the hills, ebbing in and out of the waves, i could see the paddle boarders, was just a glorious walk. who wouldn't be happy to get up everyday if this was your morning dog walk...

as i walked in my playroom the light was dazzling my little pumpkins by the sea...

made a wonderful pear tart for dinner...

scott arrived nice and early, he emptied the truck while i made the most delicious salad. after all his driving this week he was exhausted we went to bed early and he slept long and deep~

11/9 saturday

i love when scott shows up, i am off dog walks in the morning, i can be a lady of leisure... except scott was so pokey the dogs didn't go until almost 9:30, poor things!

i still had 3 gorgeous pears and since scott had almost finished the tart i was going to make a second one to share. scott decides he wants to make breakfast just as i am making the tart... our space is barely wide enough for me, much less 2 cooks in the kitchen! hey i have a great idea, take me to breakfast! its been ages since we had been down for breakfast, out the door and we were the only ones in the cafe with the big blue sea.

came home to pick up where i left off with the tart, while in the oven i checked my emails and was delighted to see a friend was looking at homes in sonoma! with age i have lost my marbles, i knew i couldn't go outside while the timer ticked away, so i made a quick call and yammered indoors for ages. yes, the tart even survived, i was able to pull it out and never miss a beat on the phone.

after a lengthy chat i was right out the door to spread my truckload of mulch. just a wonderful sunny calm day. scott finished the walls to my playroom, trim, bead board and paint done, that just leaves, insulation lights and sheet rock for the ceiling and cupboard doors, i am so excited! still need a cart too for nicks bed and the laundry basket, then finally scott will be a free man again! except i have a protected deck next on his checklist...

shared 2 little pear tarts with my neighbor, no news on our friends health and pending surgery...

was out until 4 and got a headache from the glare, i retreated to the shower and crawled in bed. again, how delightful i am not walking dogs, i can put my jammies on at 5pm and know i am down for the count! skipped dinner, scott was on his own with leftovers and i ate cereal, i fell asleep around 8...

11/10 sunday

gray hazy day, no urgency for me to get out and play. scott went and got the sunday paper while i filled in my diary.

the sun is shining and we are finally getting little odds and ends wrapped up in my playroom, today is rugs fitted, door cut, baseboards, light raised, just the little things that all make a diff in the end!

suddenly ravenous and the salad planned for dinner was a no go for me, i wanted FOOD, hot food and loads of it, not made by me :-) raced down to the cafe... closed, equipment failure... its always when one of the other is so hungry the darn place has a mishap. into tomales to the deli, had a great hot chicken bruchetta sandwich, but i really fell in love with a piece of distressed furniture in turquoise and green... $3000 was a joke, $300 yes, but i was still smitten. with no cell service at the cafe i don't bother bringing my cell phone, i couldn't even snap a pic of it :-(

just learned its a 3 day weekend, no wonder so many people are still here! while outside 3 woman walking stopped and stared at my garden, i heard one say it looks just like pottery barn with that gazebo and statue. cracked me up, the inside is pottery barn~

just need to pack up the pets and head home after a quick vacuum, so love my little cottage by the sea~