Friday, November 1, 2013

a beach diary 11-17 thru 11-24

arrived sunday in the dark with a very full truck and a parcel of cats and dogs. it was a minus tide, visible by the brilliant moon we watched rise on the way over. the crab boats are busy at sea, bobbing and weaving all night like a freeway on the water, sometimes their lights illuminate my living room miles away. had a hard time sleeping it was so bright out.

monday i was up early and out to spread the mulch before the rains came. spent the day playing in my craft/laundry room. i always have so many projects, its fabulous having a place to just mess up and enjoy. was distressing wood, making xmas crates, chalkboard art, banners, etc etc. i adore that the room is over the top jam packed from top to bottom, a way i would never choose to live, but for its purpose its 100% perfect and fun!

" for tuesday :-)

the rest of the week got away from me, mr nick caught a cold with a high fever, his health is marginal as is with fiv so anything is dangerous. was not pleased at the vets when they tried the used car tactics on us, i came in for antibiotics, spoke with the dr, all was great, in comes the financial planner for the closure that turned antibiotics into a $608 bill... i was ticked off, xrays for a cold? omg i was angry, got the bill to 168 before meds, they think we are paupers, screw them, how dare they mess with pet owners like that, i have too many to be hoodwinked into thinking i am a crappy parent to my pets to be bamboozled like that. now scott was feeling guilty, like we should have done more... SO wrong on so many levels, i LOVE my vet at home, trust her 100%, i am just glad i know what i want and won't be gouged, and trust me its never ever at my pets expense!

had 2 days of rain, then we had some breathtakingly gorgeous days, calm as silk, the ocean looked like a placid lake 2 nights, not even a wave surge, just like a rain puddle, smooth as glass. never took the dogs down once for the week, maggies health is marginal and i am happy enough looking at the sea daily that i don't feel i miss a thing not trudging through the sand and coming home with filthy dogs that make me clean twice as hard!

finally read a book, its been months! only did it because it was a new library book i have waited for for ages and didn't want to wait in the que again. its been hard to settle down to quiet since the job change, life is always on the move every 7 days... always enjoy fannie flagg's feel good books, recommending the all girls filling stations last reunion.

did some crafting and worked in my playroom. scott built my cart for the laundry baskets, i bought a light gray stain to wash over the cupboard doors. we spent a day shopping for my mason jar lights, screen door, and insulation for the ceiling. scott got a new bbq, the entire hardware store was 15% off, the place was mobbed, i think we were there for 3 hours!

the week flew by, i really need so much more time then a measly 7 days, i am angling for a month again, after staying for 4 months its so hard to leave so soon these days...

jars laid out for lighting, cupboard doors waiting to me mounted with chicken wire, new float lights strung and lanterns lit~