Sunday, August 12, 2018

more of the same...

only closer! my life has been dominated by smoke since july first, today was THE first day in over 6 weeks when I could actually see my view again, visibility went from a mere mile to 75 miles, I could still smell smoke, and see the Mendocino fire across the valley, but the winds had finally blown a clear path. imagine only seeing the sun look like this for well over a month...
today we were just heading into town when right across from our driveway a see a fire, I mean black billowing smoke, no air tankers, no helicopters, no air patrol, it was a brand new fire a few miles across from us. up comes the fire truck, it too looked over at the fire, as if to get its bearings. we have a wonderful informative website that must be connected to dispatch because it has real time info instantly, while still in our driveway I pull up the site and see a picture from the fire lookout station many miles away saying grey column of smoke, location unknown at this time, let me just say their pic was a lot smaller fire than what we were looking at!
it is a forest, there are houses, it is hills, I am almost crying with fear for those in harm ways, its 97 degrees and windy, not a position anyone want to be upwind from! my husband starts to drive to town, it certainly felt ominous to leave to "shop" when there is a fire in plain sight, yes, the wind was pushing it away from us, but it felt very wrong...
we get to the main road and look back to see HUGE billowing clouds of smoke, emergency vehicles are screaming past us, and we are going shopping? nope, we are turning around and heading home. we arrive to see numerous cars parked in front of our property, we have the perfect vantage point.

by now the website is streaming updates, ten acre fire, houses threatened, residents trapped, tankers and helicopters are on sight dropping water and fire retardant, road closures, evacuation, power out, live wires on the road, 150 people on sight working to stop the fire. this has been such an horrific fire year for California, up and down the state, I just pray that everyone can be safe and survive the rest of the year, the worst months are in fall, this has just been a relentless start to the season.
thank you to those that make all our lives safe!


  1. My heart has been with friends and our family in California. My sister in law lives just north of Redding near Shasta Lake and they evacuated for about a week. Devasating to see the damage in such beautiful areas. Her home was spared but many of her friends lost their homes. Will keep you in my prayers and hope for rain and a more gentle fall. Take care and stay safe!

    1. Thank you, your poor sister, that fire was/still is horrendous... my brother lost his house last fall in that other terrible fire, they both were very similar, lightning fast and unable to escape fast enough. I am so grateful for these men and women putting their lives on the line for everyone. We have a fire station a mile away from us, they get calls constantly, thank heavens they have squelched so many, but you never know when they will explode and run endlessly 😟 I get so emotional now when I see them head out, when people die because they can't escape the fury it eats away at me. We have seen many fires, but they are turning into voracious beasts that they say the likes they have never witnessed before...

  2. I think of you constantly whenever I hear 'fires in California'...I can't imagine living with that threat and fear. Especially to see it so close! So devastating. I hope that's the closest you ever get! Stay safe. ♥