Thursday, July 19, 2018

a day in the country~

pre dawn, morns early light, a scattering of clouds,
remnants of a hurricane from mexico, dust the sky pink and red...
illuminating wild flowers... 
while dragonflies ply the winds
good dogs wait and watch...
a hummingbird bathed in a freshly watered rose
plunging its body
and cupping its wings
fluttering in the drenched rose petals
leaving fresh and clean with the sweet smell of roses trailing in the breeze
indoors, the cat languishes too high and dangerous for my liking...
a crash on exit feels imminent
as the sun arcs high
vivid sunsets from residual smoke and ash in the valley radiate far and wide


  1. Oh my gosh...what great shots! How did you capture that hummingbird bathing?! They are way too zippy for me and my lens is not nearly 'zoomy' enough... From dawn's early light to sunset...dragonfly and dog days...a picture perfect summer. Cats always live on the edge! :)

  2. What a soothing layer upon layer of peaceful awesomeness! Thanks. Needed this this morning...