Saturday, April 7, 2018

garden chronicles, the shrub and perennial borders

I am at the age where facts and figures fade in the sunset, I have opted to list all my varieties here, so when I fall in love with something and want more I will know exactly what I have!

white crescent border
variegated red twig dogwood bush 3
white azalea 6
White dogwood 4
yellow twig dogwood 6
anabelle hydrangea
Shasta real galaxy 6
gaura belleza white evolution 2
 agapantha indigo frost 2
lavender white grosso 4
watsonia white 4 clumps
white spirea 6
emerald green 4

photinia side border
Oakleaf hydrangeas snow queen 2 end
Oakland hydrangeas 3 sikes dwarf
Photinia 4
camellia kramers supreme (red)
camellia carters sunburst (variegated red speckles)
Sambucus black lace
Brunsfelsia p exima 3
Pink astilbe Rhinelander
flowering maple red and orange 3
foxglove 12
lobelia starship scarlet 3
gardenia vetichi 3
gardenia august beauty
gardenia mystery 2
gulf stream nandina 10
salvia luecantha 6
Benjamin britten
rosie the riveter 3
Dallas red lantana 6
gaura red 3
red geraniums 6
penestemon huskers red (white) 3
iceberg 24

north side
camellia kramers supreme 2 (red)
hydrangea 7
variegated lacecap hydrangea 7
camellia kramers supreme (red)
hydrangea 7
vibrnum spring bouquet 18
English laurel hedge 120
Orange jubilee
Lemon bottle brush 3
Vitex blue
Pink buddeleia
Midnight buddeleia
Lilac buddeleia
variegated dwarf myrtle hedge 20

east side
Sister Agnes oleander 24
red hot pokers 30
alberta spruce
Sister Agnes oleander 18

south side high
pink oleander
white oleander
pink oleander 2
gold juniper 3
snowball 10
neon pink bottlebrush
Dwarf bottle brush callistemon citrus jeffsersii
wine and roses weigela
summer wine ninebark
wine and roses weigela
Black lace sambucca
Vitex pink
Center glow ninebark
Purple buddeleia
Harlequin buddleia
Golden juniper 3
Korean lilac miss kim 5
Lilac standard
Abelia Edward gaucher 6
Lavender provence 18
Lilac standard
graber pyracantha 5
Forsythia magical gold 
Forsythia week-end
Forsythia magical gold
Desert cassia
red hot poker
blue princes/blue prince combination holly 3
night blooming jasmine 2
white buddleia

orchard fence
Spartan blueberry 6
bluecrop spirea 3
bridal veil spirea 10
variegated weigelia
leptospermo patricia ann (pink)
leptospermo ruby glow
Leptospermo Martin's (pink)
weigelia pink
lilac pale pink
weigelia pink
Leptosperum Helene strybing pink
leptospermo ruby glow
Leptosperum Martinii (pink)
leptosperum Helene strybing pink
camellia debutante pink


2 climbing hydrangea
camellia nuccio's pearl
slim bottlebrush
4th of july climbing rose
Blue hydrangeas 6
lilac 3
Rhododendrom ramapa littleleaf (purple) 3

Crimson king intermediate iris
pampas grass
red hot poker
buddleia purple
light blue iris
Anthony waterer spirea
bridal viel spirea
purple iris
buddleia purple
red hot poker

Blooms together
Daffs and forsythia
Grosse lavender and moonshine yarrow
phorium and lambs ear

~still need to plant~
acanthus 12
achellia mixed
achellia little moonstone yarrow
agastache rupestris
ceanothus standard
Delphium 12
Gold flame spires 2
dahlias pink white purple/white
monarada pink
peony miss America white 3
peony bowl of beauty
Peony lemon dream
Peony blitz tort
Peony coral charm
Peony do tell
Peony gay paree
Peony petite renee
peony festiva maxima white
peony pink Hawaiian coral
peony sorbet pink/white
peony Shirley temple white 3
peony mons jules elie  pink 3
peony Kansas red 3
penestemon mixed
gladiolus chocolate
rosemary variegated Australian ...
rosemary alba ...
rosemary coast blue gem 2
rosemary Tuscan blue
salvia hot lips 3
salvia greggii white 3
scarlet pearl snowberry
Shasta snow 18
society garlic 5
crepe myrtles 12
 turkey brown fig

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