Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Garden chronicles, gathering a rose garden~

since dec 24th 2019 I have been planting and working in our new rose garden, it is brand new virgin land, about 115' by 90'. so far I have planted the major circle garden and one side border, I am at the crossroads now, fearful to plant more, before I lose access for mulching and irrigation but with the rains on the horizon this week I am eager to get my new roses in the ground with free water for better establishment. I have planted all my floribundas and hybrid teas, next on the menu is the david austins, followed up with perimeter shrub plantings, a statue, an arbor, a fountain and rose tunnel. the deer fencing has been partially started, again, I am afraid to block off access for hardscapes like sprinklers and pathways, but the deer quickly pruned my roses for me and what angered me most is they shredded my Italian cypress with their antlers, but its all been a labor of love!

~originally posted 2/4/18~

The plan is made, design is sketched, ground spray painted, let the gathering begin...

David Austin's...

Abraham darby
*ambridge rose
 Benjamin britten
*carding mill
*Charles Darwin
*Christopher marlowe
*Claire Austin
*crocus rose
*darcy bussell
Evelyn 3
*Gentle Hermione
*Gertrude Jekyll
*Golden celebration 2
*Graham Thomas
*Jubilee celebration
*jude the obscure
*Lady Emma Hamilton
*lady of shallot
*Mary rose
*Munstead wood
*old Wollerton hall
*port sunlight
*princess Alexandra of kent
Queen of Sweden
*sophy's rose
*tess of the d'urbervilles
*The ancient mariner
*The Lady gardener
*The poets wife
*The prince
*teasing Georgia
*Winchester cathedral
*William Shakespeare 2000


Burgundy iceberg 9
Candy cane cocktail 3
Celestial night 3
 Chihuly 6
Cinco de mayo 3
dancing in the dark 3
Day breaker 3
Distant drums 3
Drop dead red 3
Earth angel 3
Easy does it 3
Easy going 3
Ebb tide 3
First crush 3
Frieda kahlo 3
George burns 3
Gingersnap 3
*Honey perfume 4 (one)
Hot cocoa 3
 iceberg 24
koko loko 3
Julia child 3
La park 3
Le petit Prince 3
Life of the party 3
plum perfect 3
Polynesian punch 3
Pumpkin patch 3
Rosie the riveter 3
Sentimental 3
Sheilas perfume 3
St Tropez 3
Summer romance 3
trumpeter 3
white licorice 3

Hybrid teas/ grandiflora...

anna's promise
Apricots and cream
Barone de Rothschild
Black baccarat
Chicago peace
chris evert
Chrysler imperial
*cinnamon dulce
Color magic
Dark night
Double delight
dream come true
Full sail
gold medal
Granada 2  (one)
Grande dame
Honey dijon
*Madame anisette
Mon cheri
Moonlight romantic
*miss all American beauty
Miss congeniality
Mr lincoln
Nicole Carol Miller
Over the moon
Parade day
Paradise 2
Peach swirl
*Princess Charlene de Monaco
Radiant perfume
rio samba
Rock and roll
Rogue royal
Shirley's bouquet 2
Smoking hot
Strike it rich
Sugar moon 3
Sunset celebration
*Sweet mademoiselle
Twilight zone
Yves paiget

Austrian copper
Betty boop
Bulls eye
Eyeconic melon 4
Gourmet popcorn 12
Orange and lemon
The fairy
White meidiland 3


 4th of July 2
*Altisimo 3
 Banksaie white 2
Banksaie yellow 4
 *Cecile brunner 3
pearly gates 2
purple splash
Raspberry cream swirl
 Sally Holmes 2
 zepherine drouhin 2

ground cover...

Floral carpet pink 20
Floral carpet red 24
Floral carpet splash 5
Floral carpet white 7
Floral carpet yellow 20

Avante-garde 2
Earnest markham
H.f. young
Killian Donahue

It's amazing how fast a garden can come together with online shopping! It's been thirty years since I put in a rose garden, of course I have favorites from the several hundred varieties I have grown over the decades, I just didn't know those few I truly coveted are no longer available... unless you get lucky! I have been shopping the same nurseries I used thirty years ago, in this day and age longevity is a rarity, but what had me tap dancing and twirling with joy today was when on a lark I found my two missing favorites in an existing nursery garden and they dug them up for me!
The unexpected really can delight~

I ADORE Evelyn, I can smell her 50' away, I heard David austin discontinued it, I am so thankful to carry her name on in my new garden.

Honey Dijon, the rich muddy yellow is so striking I can't imagine why it's no longer readily available, to think they dug it up for me at the same place I bought it from at least 10 years ago!
yes, there are garden angels ;-)

The new garden is a long ways off, we need water, deer fencing, structures and statues, but now is the best time for acquisition of bare root roses so I can plant them when the space is ready.  Meanwhile I have been looking fondly back at my old garden, eager to feel that first flush of spring year after year again~


  1. Oh, how I love roses! Thank you for carrying on with roses that have been discontinued.

  2. Your rose garden is gorgeous! Love all the colors and I'm sure the scents were heavenly. Your new garden will be so fun to plan and can't wait to see what you do with your new place.

  3. Your garden gives Huntington Gardens a run for their money. Just lovely.

  4. Oh the beauty...they take my breath away! I'm blown away by how much you've planted already. Your energy and enthusiasm is contagious!

  5. Oh, how I love these rose photos! I can almost smell their scent, too.