Wednesday, July 23, 2014

hell by the sea

oy, its been a rough week, I had to buy 8.1... the learning curve was astounding, who has crashed a new computer, raise your hand? I will skip all the nasty, endless hours, days and nights, trying to make things I own compatible with this new monster, but I will tell you you can't own a pin it button on 8.1, nope not written, part of the new world dominance I refuse to join.

my camera can no longer delete its pics, even after spending 3 hours with sony, unfortunately I wasn't in japan, or even the u.s., I was stuck in india and all I got was thank you very much and zero help. it was so bad that my husband bought me a new camera, due today, thinking surely it will be compatible... I cannot begin to tell the fear and dread I have at the thought of learning a new camera AND discovering it still does not do the same thing on this damn new operating system.

I am so ticked off with change, just because some young computer whipper snappers feel like rewriting history I have lost a good week of my life relearning how to even TURN OFF A COMPUTER. did I mention they did away with the back button too? all the basic commands of just getting around are gone, oy why even discuss it, eventually you will all fall in the rabbit hole as your computers fail and you are forced into the future. I would give my eye teeth to have bought a new computer with 7 last year when my husband wanted to get me one, no I said, I love my computer I am fine I don't need a new one...

with all this whining going on I have not read or done anything fun in a week as I struggled 8 hour shifts day in and day out with this machine, but one thing is a constant, dogs need to be walked no matter whats going on.

Katie has picked up some bad habits after a hiking picnic where we allowed her on the picnic table, I cannot begin to tell you the shock I felt when I walked in the house to find my dog sleeping on the DINING ROOM TABLE!

I picked up some good habits, right at the beach~

saw my very first dolphin on the west coast in my entire life...

some of katies play dates~

Harley is our favorite gal pal~

mercy and grace are deaf, to me they look like snowflakes on the beach...

the beach has been littered with these by the wind sailors~

we had a storm roll in, the sky has been gorgeous, was out walking and without my camera when I missed 2 rainbows on the beach :-(

I so look forward to getting back to my normal beach life of reading and dogs now that I have almost mastered 8.1! all I can say is heaven help you when the change comes...