Sunday, March 30, 2014

the novel bakers present...

easter week with beatirx potter and friends~

welcome to a week filled with easter delights, from the garden, to the table, the novel bakers will be sharing books and ideas all week long. what a better week to showcase the wonderful talents of beatrix potter and peter rabbit. let us join peter as they prepare the garden for the week of festivities...

... a quiet life...

home is where the boat is

rattlebridge farm

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  1. Beautiful post today, Jain. Puts me in the mood to garden, even though it's a bit too early here yet. Love those vintage-style seed packets. They make a wonderful addition to your garden vignettes. Can't wait to see what you have in store for the rest of this Beatrix Potter week!

  2. Oh how fun is this and what an adorable way to kick off the week! Love your bunnies' kitchen garden and your fun seed packets, especially Mr. Carrot :) I'm regretting not cracking open that cute cookery book and I'm already wishing Beatrix Potter week was longer... thanks for the fun inspiration and letting me hop along with you!

  3. Jain, when it comes to your beautiful photographs, a picture is truly worth a thousand words. Here, you have recreated the world of Beatrix Potter with beauty, color, and mastery. Speakin' of which, you have always been the master of the vignette, and the scenes you have created today tell a captivating story. Your playful touch is everywhere, along with brilliance that runs through the whole collection. Once again, the Novel Bakers have opened my world. Authors, recipes, details, and childlike happiness. It's a joy, and an inspiration, to visit you and Mary Mc.xxoo

  4. How adorable! What fun to be in the garden with Peter and friends. The seed packets are works of art. I pinned Mr Carrot. Can't wait to see what else is in store for us this week. I've been eagerly anticipating Beatrix Potter Week with the Novel Bakers. Thanks for spreading the joy of Peter Rabbit.

  5. Jain, I love your Peter Cottontail header. Very striking.

    Please don't tell me you did the cookie yourself! Nice touch if you made it or bought it.

    I love the vibrant colors of the story characters on the Peter Rabbit's Cookery Book. I am looking forward to seeing more of it all week.
    I dug out my children's copy of eight of her stories that was published in 1977 and am reading them to our grandchildren this week. Hope I get through all eight stories. I bought a small book of Peter Rabbit at Hill Top when we were there. There were so many it was hard to decide but space was an issue and at the time our grandson was small so I opted for the child proof thick pages.
    Your photos are so pretty and I am interested in your seed packets. Did you share your source? You illustrated your post very artistically. I always enjoy your Novel Bakers Posts.

  6. thank you cippy for stopping by and commenting, i hope you warm up soon, so you too can play in the garden! brace yourself, i have way to many posts coming, several a day soon :-(

    mary whatever you share will be a fabulous treat, can't wait for the days to unfold!

    michael you wax so poetically, the author in you i bet is even released in a grocery list! i was captivated by your post today, its going to be a fun week watching you play ;-)

    hi sarah so nice of you to stop in, i love how everyone loves beatrix, she turly is a smile maker!

    hi bonnie, thank you for visiting, yes, i made that cookie, he will be appearing in a short story soon~

    how sweet you are sharing beatrix with your gk's this week, perhaps they might even enjoy the novel bakers pics this week! caution, they may demand you do some baking to keep up!

    the seed packets were googled and printed, just a little bit of bunny magic this week~

    thanks to those of you who stop and leave a comment, so nice to hear from you all!

  7. Hi Jain, From the moment you mentioned that the Novel Bakers would return with Peter Rabbit I have been eagerly awaiting the first posts, and they are fabulous! The naughty bunnies in my yard would munch on all those delicious veggies your rabbits are planning to grow. I'll be back tomorrow to see the next chapter of your story! Linda

  8. I am hopping up and down that the Novel Bakers are back and full of Beatrix Potter bunnies for Easter! I will relish every photo and word! Thanks Jain~

  9. hi linda thanks for commenting, we have bunnies at the beach, but the climate is so harsh i don't think they would bother hopping over to eat something, i think they cling to the bushes so they are not blown out to sea!

    thank you jenna for you kind words, its been loads of fun playing with rabbits for this week to come~

  10. What a great way to celebrate Beatrix Potter! The potting stand is very rustic and the perfect way to creat a vignette for Peter Rabbit with the pots. The bunnies are beautiful and precious. I thought you would enjoy viewing my Beatirx Potter tablescape where I used my collection for the post this week!