Monday, December 9, 2013

the novel bakers present...

just in time for the holidays, a week of nigella lawson, featuring a nigella christmas. i must confess right off the bat i have owned this book for a couple of years... which means i really like it! i also am from an english family, so the recipes are comforting and familiar :-)

to get you all into the holiday spirit i am going to jump right into LIQUOR! if you read my blog you know i love pomegranates and always have an abundance from my garden in the fall, what a perfect combo, home grown and potent, oh, and pretty too! you too can whip up a batch, ready in days, your very own love potion... or better yet, gifts! when your batch is all done, may i suggest my new favorite cocktail of the season too, a christmas tree~

home is where the boat is

rattlebridge farm

a quiet life

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