Saturday, June 22, 2019


he was my husbands favorite cat, they had a special bond. he had a very hard life, he showed up at our house with fiv, which meant he always had to live alone. he got his second disease which took away his mobility, twisting his body, our vet said to put him down many many years ago, but we didn't listen. sadly, it was finally time, I think this one hurt my husband more than any other pet we have had to say goodbye to...

I hope you are running free and easy now,
We will miss you Nick knack...


  1. I'm sorry too. Ive rescued 6 dogs in the last almost 19 years, we all have been a good little family. But, 3 have passed in the last 2 years. My big girl Bella, is almost 19 years old now, and her 2 remaining "siblings" watch over her, and me, their 73yo daddy. I'm trying to seclude myself from the daily news of life that blares at us constantly. I'm OK enough to keep being their daddy and taking excellent care of them, showing them where and how to "wait for me on the other side". Once they're there, I think they'll have arranged things for my arrival, hopefully sooner than later. Counting our blessings!

    1. It is hard saying good bye, but the joy they give us worth it!

  2. What a beautiful cat and, I'm sure, a wonderful pet.

  3. I'm so sorry. You have rescued a lot of fur angels in your life...