Thursday, May 3, 2018

morning blooms~

I am so overjoyed to be starting fresh, every morning I race outside after dawn and begin to water the hordes of plants I have planted, potted or have in a large holding pen, the sprinklers will be installed slowly over the next six weeks, until then I get to stand and visit every new leaf, petal and scent! I start my morning in the courtyard, it gets very hot fast, I adore the water sounds, I breath in the orange blossoms and star jasmine sitting heavy in the mornings stillness...
everyday I take the same pics over and over, chihuly is a new rose for me and I am smitten! I have 6 in the courtyard and each flower looks different than the next...
I planted about ten camellias, this one has been blooming for well over a month nonstop~
this unknown spirea to me is starting to shine, bridal wreath was so spectacular, just as it finished this rounder floret kicked in.
burgundy iceberg opened this morn...
the large old lilac is beginning to wane, but still glorious from afar.
the old apple tree is in full bloom
my brand new little ones too...
the golden chain is in its full glory!
frutal petals climber opened its first bud
purple robe is filling my window with color
another new rose to me, cinco de mayo is just beginning its show
I take pics of this everyday too, Polynesian punch has been socking it to me!
I am sure this is very ho hum to any who may visit, but I have been away from color filled gardens for about seven years, ever since we got the beach house gardening ceased, it is to cold and windy there to have much to thrive... now, everyday I wake up to warm sunny morns, with new color dazzling my eyes, don't get me wrong I adore the blue and green days of beach living, but for now I want COLOR!!!


  1. Gorgeous!! I wanted to tell you that your irises are particularly lovely this year. We trimmed a tree back and they are getting more sun and are blooming beautifully! I think of you, every time I admire them!

  2. Not ho hom at ALL! I adore color, too. But i truly love your gardens and photography. Love, mlee, jasoer, and Charlotte