Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Garden chronicles, the rose placements~

I have a huge amount of roses potted, leafed out and buds almost bursting, just waiting for their new homes and irrigation. This page is dedicated to their garden placements, I have learned that over time names get lost or forgotten, especially now as I try to restock my old garden to the new house. As they get planted I will be listing them here...

Cecile brunner

in my old garden I have a giant wall 20' high, 15' wide and 60' long comprised of three plants left to grow wild, they would have 1000s of sweet blooms freshening the air from 50' away. I planted my first of three against the red barn to scramble up the south side, I yearn for that sweet old fashion scent to travel with me to the new home...

Fourth of July

Banksaie alba 2
Chihuly 6


Deck garden
Benjamin britten
Rosie the riverter 3

Patio and walkway
Iceberg 24

Rose Garden

today we began the first step to my new rose garden! we rented a trencher to begin laying pipe all over our ten plus acres, as long as we had this huge rock chomping machine I said lets just start doing a grid over a hundred foot square area for the new rose garden, with no time to lay out the real design I am confident some of these trenches will work out for the new beds to come. in my minds eye I see a conservatory, boxwood hedges, green giant fences, Italian cypress accents, lavender, lilac standards, golden chain trees, patios, arches, statues, fountain, columns, circular beds, trellis fences, fences, fences and more fences, with deer that's all that really matters! sadly we had three rattlesnakes in the grid, it may be pretty one day, but its going to be a damn scary rose garden :-(



gourmet popcorn 5
sugar moon 3
white meidiland 3
Shirley's boquet
full sail
shirleys bouquet


  1. Such vision and beauty to come from your minds eye! You'll have all 10 acres planted and blooming in no time. I can't believe how much you've already planted!

  2. I am so happy to see your blog again. Everything is so beautiful. Thank you.

  3. I can't wait to watch your new garden develop! My irises (your irises) are blooming so beautifully right now!