Wednesday, November 16, 2016

fall feast gatherings~

welcome to an additional day with the novel bakers sharing from the forest feast gatherings. earlier in the week i shared a quiet picnic in the majestic redwoods...
 today i am sharing a fall gathering with a smattering of recipes available through out the book.

living by the sea it is not easy to share that forest feeling, we had planned to dine by the sea in a little grove of trees tucked behind the dunes...

but as luck would have it, we were actually kicked out of our local beach! another group had reserved and PAID for our space for a professional photo shoot :-( not to be deterred, we headed to a friends home and huffed and puffed our way up her hillside with table, chairs, food and dishes. as our additional friends arrived i could not have been any more delighted when they uttered
it looks like a forest feast...

thank you for joining the novel bakers this week, be sure and stop by and visit


  1. I knew as soon as I opened this book that you would prepare a fall feast! I know your friends were wowed just am I and had a wonderful time feasting at your table. I hope they helped you relocate and tote all your props, dishes and food, what a chore but you could drown yourself in drink and rum punch as a reward :) I admired those plates at Pier 1, they couldn't be more perfect with the woodland creatures and the wildlife that show up at your door, including fox families and your herd of deer! Your flatbread, polenta pizzas, cheese board and spicy chocolate almonds look amazing! Thanks so much for gathering us together. Fun that Erin popped by too for a visit yesterday!

  2. Jain, You truly have created a feast in the forest! I'm tempted by every dish you have so carefully hauled to the hillside. Oh, the joys and trials of being a Novel Baker!! The apple and cheddar slices topped with honey, the flatbread (so gorgeous!) and the polenta pizzas would be fabulous washed down with your rum punch! I'm sure that after enjoying that delectable beverage you were much happier as you carried everything back down! It looks so yummy in your huge yellow ware bowl with the clove studded apple! And your plates with those forest creatures all decked out in their fall outfits are perfect! I'll choose the hedgehog and pile a bit of everything on my plate. I would be thrilled to bask in the sun for quite awhile in this setting in a Forest Feast trance! Linda

  3. oh goodness, you did indeed have a forest feast Jain! I can't believe you had to move all that from the beach, but wow, what a setting! Your friends must be thrilled to be part of your creative and delicious life! I love the recipes you choose, each looks mouthwatering and divine- Gorgeous photos, vignettes and table, it's all simply stunning! Thank you for another incredible adventure with the Novel Bakers-

  4. Jain, It truly is a forest feast! I am convinced this book would be a great Christmas present for my daughter!

    Your photos are mouth watering and I would like to taste everything. Wow, I appreciate all your trouble and efforts to haul all your things to create this forest feast for us.
    I love the fall leaves, fruit, nuts, wooden trays etc. for your lovely fall feast in the woods.
    I could go on and on but must run. Thanks for your creativity.

  5. Forgot to mention how cute your plates are.

  6. After scrolling up and down this post, I want a fall picnic of my own. I think a little outing is on the agenda next week when guests arrive for a visit.
    You've shared an abundance. Where oh where do I start? Well, first I need to get my hands on a copy of this book. Waiting for its delivery!
    So happy the Novel Bakers are at it again. Love these posts!

  7. How fabulous! I love the plates and will have to try the apples and cheese. You are extremely talented. Thank you for sharing such an inspirational picnic.

  8. What an adventure! And what are the odds of two people doing photo shoots on the same day at the same table? I have to admit I love the second location with the forest backdrop and classic teak furniture. In both spots, your food looks spectacular, as if it were freshly carried out of the kitchen.How in the world did you transfer everything? A miracle, and a wonderful story to tell over wine and cheese. I love your stories behind the posts so much because your humor shines through. And I also love the way you created a forest story today with the food, garnishes, and elegant touches. The serving pieces are to die for, and I am WILD over the salad plates. (My squirrel plates came from Pier 1--how did I miss your plates?? By the way, have you seen the deer plates? Two different styles.) I think the fox plates are my favorites, and I adore how you gave the foxy faced plate a garnish of leaves and flowers. He could be a book cover he's so perfect. Your rum pear punch looks so elegant with its beautifully studded apple. Love the cheese platter. I shall do that for Thanksgiving, with brie from the previous FF book. Love how you turned a cheese platter into art, with a forest vibe. The metaphor was sustained wonderfully! I am eager to make the polenta pizzas. This was a fabulous two days. I loved participating! Looking forward to more stories and gorgeousness from you!