Wednesday, August 17, 2016

the novel bakers present...

its been quite a while since the novel bakers shared their love of reading and fun in the kitchen, but this brand new book was well worth turning the pages and dusting off our aprons, it is a food lovers paradise! well, if you love baking, sugar, sweets and PIES!

the joy of reading a book as a novel baker is that you get to embrace and savor every page, deciding which tasty morsel, scene or visual feast you best want to recreate, and devour, straight from the pages, oh my head felt like spun sugar!
this is louise miller's debut novel, as a pastry chef, turned writer, it is a winning combination! met livvy, our colorful baker, known for her wild hair

her lovable irish wolfhound salty

and a taste for fire, jack daniels and questionable life choices, but one thing is for sure, the girl can bake! i am never one to divulge a story, i think that is what the joy of reading is all about, just picking up a book and start turning the pages, just like life, the story always unfolds. i will say this, the book is mouth watering, its been ages since i have read this genre and i really enjoyed myself, so much so that i found myself weeping and smiling, in my opinion, if a book can make me cry, i am fully invested!

livvy heads to vermont to visit her best friend and quickly finds herself the new baker at the sugar maple inn in the bright yellow farmhouse. with such an idyllic setting who would not be enchanted baking in an old farmhouse with a large oak table propped up with nancy drew novels.

as a country girl at heart i really enjoyed this book, it reminds me of gentle times, enjoying good food, family and friends. how can you not smile when coffee and a sweet can smooth out any problems... like cinnamon rolls as big as hubcaps~

arriving in her quaint community just in time for the towns fall barn dinner i knew instantly i wanted to join in the merriment, even though autumn in california doesn't arrive until november, i wanted to throw my own version of a cozy fallish dinner party...

i followed their menu to the last details, being this scrumptious, i had no reason to stray!

corn consume, simple, pure and buttery,
poured over roasted kernels

baby red oak leaf greens with toasted walnuts
goat cheese and dried apple bread croutons

prime rib, au jus and
plump popovers with chives

cheese course
blue cheese with pears poached in port

apple galette with frangipani in puff pasty
with ice cream and hot caramel sauce

i hope you have enjoyed dining with the novel bakers,
if you are looking for the perfect book,
not to sweet, or tart, just a warm pleasant feeling,
as tasty as their blue ribbon apple pies...

put city bakers guide to country living on your menu today~

be sure and stop by and visit michael lee, linda and mary for more delicious country bites!

ps. if any of you ever read the novel bakers books, be sure and come and visit our posts and spot how many book details we all share visually ;-)


  1. Oh that was fun and delicious...you didn't miss a detail with the harvest dinner! I don't know if I'd rather have your apple galette with ice cream and hot caramel sauce or a slice of that beautiful pie with the bird perched in the apple tree!

    I'd forgotten how much fun (and work :) this was...you had plenty of both, hauling your table, dishes and props out by that wonderful barn. Even your pups got to stand in for Salty! You've whet my appetite for a harvest dinner, wasn't the menu drool-worthy, including your corn consume, popovers and poached pears?! I've been ready for fall since the heat index hit the triple digits and now I'm more than ready to escape to Vermont.

    I loved this book~ such a fun read and lots of foodie inspiration. Thanks so much for coordinating and getting us back in the kitchen again. My hubby thanks you for the leftover apple pie in our fridge :)

  2. jain, Thank you so much for including me because I loved every bit of this book! I want to bake everything in it and go to that Harvest Dinner and ride behind the horses. I can't believe you made the entire menu and everything looks sooooo delicious!!!! I can't stop scrolling up and down to see all the delights you created and the maple leaf dishes and the apple bucket and the dogs sitting so patiently waiting for something to drop! The poached pear actually has me drooling and it's breakfast time here. Excellent book choice and from it you have created a fabulous post! Linda

  3. Jain, you weren't kidding when you said you were baking! What a feast for the senses and the soul. You evoked so many images from the book, the pleasure of reading was quadrupled. I want to go back and savor each photo, too. The country has never looked finer, and it's the perfect backdrop for your baker's tools. But the photos I love best show your precious Border Collies--gorgeous, sweet girls. They always steal my heart. Thank you so much for including me and making sure I got the book. I enjoyed it SO much and am looking forward to more baking tales from Louise!

  4. You girls are back! Wonderful! This book does sound like an excellent read. Not available in our library, so will need to order it. Your tarts are making me hungry, but nothing in the kitchen but some cranberry orange scones. I think I need to make an apple pie this afternoon! Beautiful photos as always. Well done!

  5. Your fall table, photos and baking have me drooling and dreaming of fall Jain! This book sounds like it's full of goodies, and I can only imagine how blown away I will be with all the Novel Bakers vignettes once I read it and learn about all the many details you have recreated in your posts. the Novel Bakers always take us to enchanting places, with unique characters and tempting recipes! Thank you for another delicious recommendation and all the visual eye candy :)

  6. Everything looks mouth-wateringly beautiful! You have created the perfect setting for those apples! Beautiful photography.

  7. I can't thank you enough for this beautiful tribute to The City Baker's Guide! I am in awe of The Novel Bakers! I wish every writer could have the experience of seeing their novel explored this way--an absolute delight! I'm writing a post for my website about these fabulous posts--let me know if I can reproduce one of your images to add to the link (louisemillerauthor@gmail.com). thanks again for your beautiful work! I am honored!

  8. Beautiful post as always! Your apple pie makes my mouth water! 🍎💕

  9. It's been a busy summer so I am now playing catch up with my emails...so happy to find the Novel Bakers are back! What a great post! Will definitely be looking for this book.