Tuesday, March 24, 2015


is where the dogs are~

Sunday, March 22, 2015

a better breakfast...

crescent rolls laid out like a starfish
havarti cheese
8 slices of bacon on the legs
scrambled eggs with mushrooms and onions
top with more cheese

milk wash

bake at 375 for 15' until golden

sprinkle with fresh sage

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

search and rescue...

living by the sea i have watched many rescues, brave men and woman plunging into the swirling seas to save others. in the late afternoon i was walking my dogs and noticed a fire truck heading out to the landing, as i turned the hillside corner i saw the coast guard boat coming in, the seas were rough, the tide was very low, it was as close as it could get. by the time i walk back home, i see the newly employed personal watercrafts coming, racing across the rough sea, going past the sandy beach to the treacherous rocks. i see another coast guard boat in the channel, water to shallow and seas to rough to go much further. i waited, knowing if a helicopter came it was a rescue in process...

i called my friend who lives closer to the water, jumped in my car with camera in hand this time to see if i could capture some of the moments. i ended up capturing more than i bargained for... we watched one, two, no look, three, oh gosh can you believe four helicopters come in, omg we screech there were 5! i feel painfully naïve this time, i have only watched happy endings at my beach.

we left the staging area above the beach and headed down the cliff line to where the search was concentrated. we saw 2 young coast guard cadets arrive, we asked what happened, 2 kayakers in trouble. i am sure now they were purposely being quiet about the situation...

for 2 hours we watched the air and sea as they tried to get to a rocky inaccessible beach below the cliffs. i learned later there was a news helicopter filming above us too.

i have vertigo, i didn't want to get near the edge, the helicopters were hovering below us, my friend was brave, close to the edge. suddenly, after 2 hours, i see a basket being lowered, only then did i rush towards the precipice, thinking i was capturing a moment of elation, i blindly clicked, barely noticing the screen, i saw 4 brave men on the rocks below. i left feeling pleased, like all the other rescues i have witnessed first hand. i left so grateful for those brave men and woman who truly risk their lives to help those in peril.

as i drove home too many thoughts crossed my mind. it was already on the news. one survived. one did not... never forget how precious life is for one moment. thank you to those that rush willingly to help others, it was a humbling evening.

may god bless his family...