Tuesday, September 8, 2015

beach diary august 1 thru sept 7th

no time to ever journal, but loads of constant fun from going to the pool 6 days a week, book club, mani pedis, prosessco, bookmobile, olivers, dog walks, day trips, hiking in the redwoods, sand castle contests, mexican food, 80 minute massages, hot days by the sea, foggy mornings, full moons on the water, swim fins, reading countless books on the deck, hanging with the deer, foxes, bird baths, seeing 20 whales blowing in a circle, 6 dolphins playing, rescuing sea birds, crafting for fund raiser, weighing and measuring, cassie breaking out, daisy's flowers, katie maturing, endless memories, alas i emptied the camera...


Rattlebridge Farm said...

Beautiful images of a summer-by-the-sea.

Mary said...

What fun and delicious shots! I can see how busy you've been and Katy has grown...doggy bliss swimming in the waves. A sand castle contest would be so entertaining to attend and I need to know about those mermaids :) Love the "Living to Ride", that pup needs a helmet too!