Friday, July 31, 2015

a beach diary july 1 thru july 31th~

7/1 very wet foggy morn, had planned to walk the beach early but lingered to see if the sky would open... it didn't, so i grabbed a cup of tea, a blanket and sat in the wet fog reading this...

Language Arts by Stephanie Kallos http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LZ7GNYE/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_esfLvb0809E76

my kind of book! the bookmobile came today, only it was a van for holds and returns only while the bookmobile parties it up at the county fair. i learned the harder they come is based on a true story, that stunned me, it was so intense, knowing its a true story just makes me quiver inside :-(

still a gray dull day, so enjoying myself just reading! i have missed quiet time like this... excellent book, 5 stars.

7/2   raining at 5am, weigh in and measure at 6am, i am not losing pounds, but so far 8" in 2 weeks, thank heavens for some kind of change! off to the pool we go, class is growing, water getting turbulent, kicked my toe into the wall, wasn't sure if i broke it or sliced it open. grateful no sharks to find out too! hobbled out of the pool, still smarting... we did a quick costco run, the beach is going to be packed this weekend, don't know what to do with ourselves, we are not into crowds ever... toe is black and blue, afraid i may lose my beautiful turquoise toenail, gosh my toe hurts :-(

7/3  foggy morn, tried to walk the dogs but my toe hurt too bad, its black and blue, had to turn back in the sand. sean called and stopped by, could not have been any nicer and more helpful, they are behind us 100%! scott napped most of the day, i read this very quickly, it sure makes you think, if you are an internet user, READ THIS!

The Curtain - A Novel by Patrick Ord http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BMJTR1G/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_Go0Lvb08RNNAC

7/4 more fog, surprise! makes me very unmotivated, plus the toe still hurts to much to get out and really walk or hike. down 3, to bevs 5, slow and steady goes the fat torty...

spur of the moment picnic, decided to drive up the coast, low and behold SUN! AND NO CROWDS! very very surprised how empty it was. went up to hill top for a fabulous view until the fog rolled in and made us to cold to linger. we started listening to molakai, i knew i would get hooked but reading sea garden so have to kick things into high gear again and wade thru my library books.

7/5 still nursing toe so not much happening upright, finished the sea garden, very good book. on the phone when libby had another seizure, 13 days now. visited with stella why scott did some finishing touches.

7/6 heavy fog but wanted to walk, good news suzette is back! measured this morn, scale going up, but 11" missing. met for a late walk at low tide, she dragged the sunshine back to the beach, full sun on the return. was eager to get home and read outside and get ready for novel baker week...

just sitting down to lunch and get a call from home, FIRE. called scott and he was instantly heading home. was a very tense day, 300 fire fighters, 4 planes, 2 helicopters around 50 fire trucks all based at the bottom of our hill. scott spent the day talking and listening at the command center, i was fretting by the beach, pacing like a cat... he stayed the night, 25% contained, had it boxed in but erratic winds could change that.

7/7 scott went to work, most of the outer engines had left over night, but air strikes started up again. by late afternoon it was 60% contained. i went to the pool with bev, was exhausted after class, wanted to nap but tried to work on the novel bakers, i just don't have the time to pull this off.

scott came home and we took a beach walk to perk me up, its always so much colder at our house than the beach. had some computer snafus that put me over the edge in the evening, spent 4 hours fixing things that should never have happened, i DETEST when computers go bad, came from an update, we don't ever need no stinking updates, so sick of always forcing new and improved down our throats just to employ people when things are already working just fine. almost cried, 4 hours to get back where i started, total waste of the evening...

7/14 so much time has flown by i couldn't tell you a thing, down 12", loving the water, converted scott even, been home a couple times to check on things, finally read molokai, its a heartbreaking story, the words don't sparkle, it reads like it was written in the 50s, but the story still makes it 5 stars for me.

Moloka'i by Alan Brennert http://www.amazon.com/dp/0312304358/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_xdePvb0BE0KJX

found a house i would love to buy, just for the ease of location, but scotts adamantly against it, i need change so bad this is a great place to start, day dream about it all the time... if only i had a magic wand to make change a reality.

read 115 whales spotted in one hour at the farralons this weekend feeding on krill, what a day to be at sea!

took dogs for walk round 6 am in the heavy fog at the beach, off to the pool with bev after a frustrating start, only to discover class canceled. never fear, we are here, bev barked out military orders and kept us all moving along quite happily. stayed after chatting and introduced ourselves to some nice new ladies, invited them to join me at ives a couple of times a week. spent the afternoon working on novel bakers for our delish dinner.

7/15 up early in the heavy duty fog and went straight to the beach. loving my private mornings with the dogs, katie does better when i am not chatting with others... home for some more nb prep work and down to bevs to grab some ingredients to follow up with. you can see the weight loss on her, woe is me!

bookmobile in today, another boat load for me :-)

7/16 to 30th... oh its been a tough couple of weeks, this should not be called the beach diary, its just the real life diary now, the magic of the beach has been wiped clean with to much reality back home spilling full throttle wherever you are. scott was home when a major fire out 7 miles down the valley from us, the wind was blowing the smoke our way so he was getting the full on assault with orange sky and thick black smoke. he debated about spending the night, but decided to come back to the beach.

off to work he goes at 5am, by 7am i am reading the news, i see they are doing mandatory evacuations on the street next door to ours. call scott and said just wanted you to know whats happening, call my neighbor, which i woke up, and she said oh the fires out. that i knew was crazy, it had burned 6000 acres over night... scott decided on his own to head home, i am off to water aerobics with the girls, i call him, no answer... i call again and i can hear the panic in his voice, the road was closed, he had to show id, he evacuated the last of our pets, some so feral they have never been touched by him, but he did it and was heading out that minute. i just burst into tears, i didn't know it was that close. overnight the fire burned 8 square miles, they had 1800 people fighting it and only 10% contained, it was over 100 degrees...

scott picked me at the pool with our pets, it was such a relief to have all the living removed from harms way... the fire continued on for the week, on day 7 my neighbor calls and said she got an automated emergency call to prepare to evacuate, she called to let me know, at this point whatever happens happens, we can't get back in anyway. i call her 2 hours latter, the sheriff is going door to door for mandatory evacuations. its 110 degrees, the fire has broken through the line and burning 400 acres above my house... they didn't leave, being on the valley floor they decided to ride it out, she said they got scared and packed a bag at night, they were watching the flames on the ridge above my house.

with all this turmoil at home the beach life feeling is rather muddled. 9 days later the fire is 92% contained, not until winter will we feel safe ...  just in time for mudslide season. 11 sq miles charred and we have months to go until the rains and temps drop...

when not fretting about home i am spending 4 days a week in town, i have lost that magic feeling of never leaving the coast, its turned into real life, no longer do i gaze endlessly at the sea, i am off for dog walks at 6:30 am, only to quickly race into town at 8am to the pool, then grocery shopping, punctuated with ladies lunches, manicures & pedicures here and there to return home in the mid afternoons. i love it here, but i miss the innocence of never leaving, of just admiring me and the dogs by the sea. just today on our morning walk my friend said what happened to your camera, you never have it with anymore, i miss those quiet little moments of enjoying all that is around me...