Saturday, November 30, 2019

garden chronicles, the clematis

I adore clematis, I want to dedicate this page to the varieties I have on hand with pictures to follow next year when they are in their glorious bloom! California is finally getting its winter weather, the perfect time to take stock in the garden! I have sprinkled clematis throughout the rose garden, I can't wait for the years to come to see them ramble through my many roses...

clematis in the rose garden
Guernsey cream 2 on entry gate
avant-garde 2 on south side path
bourbon, center path, left side
killian Donahue, center path, right side
blue, unknown, 2 top center path
earnest markham top path south
montana on swing
multi blue, 2 behind tunnel
h f young bottom center path right side
dark blue unknown clematis, center path left side
Vancouver cotton candy above bench bottom
Nellie moser, above arch top

white garden
Guernsey cream

still need to plant
mrs n Thompson
henryi 2


  1. I love your list. We planted two beside the arbor (next to a climber rose), and I'm looking forward to seeing them bloom again. Today, I planted the last 300 daffodil bulbs and 160 tulips. I managed to get a total of 1500 daffodils in the ground this year. Now, except for forcing a few bulbs for the holidays, I'm putting the garden to bed. Reluctantly. 😄 Wishing you a beautiful holiday.

    1. Can't wait to see your bulbs, I miss your blog for beauty and fun... We are finally getting rainy days sprinkled about, I miss gardening all days long, I feel a loss when I'm not puttering around outside for 8 hours! Merry Christmas to you too, it's been exhausting getting this house Christmassy!