Sunday, December 31, 2017

Reading goals 2017

GOAL 219
READ ... 553!

# 22 Britannia road
As close to us as breathing
Bel canto
Constellation of a vital phenomena
Deadly wandering
Eyre affair
First fifteen days of Harry August
Girl who slept with god
Hundred year house
I capture the castle
Jim henson
Kite runner
Last runaway
Murder on the orient express
Necessary lies
Other einstein
Pavilion of women
Q is for quarry
The Rook
Sudden appearance of hope
Too bright too loud
Vegas diaries
We are all completely beside ourselves
Yellow envelope
Zoo keepers wife

Whispersync books
1 be frank with me
2 rules of civility
3 memory box
4 the last pilot
5 house of the spirits
6 five days left
7 enchanted life of Adam hope
8 we are all called to rise
9 one day
10 garden of secrets
11 mapmakers children
12 hitman anders
13 the distance between us
14 art of arranging flowers
15 thunder dog
16 magic of ordinary days
17 half baked harvest
18 ready for my dessert 
19 girls in the garden
20 traveler
21 coincidence of coconut cake
22 keeper of secrets
23 big stone gap
24 home to big stone gap
25 hummingbirds daughter
26 thirteen moons
27 we are not ourselves
28 a master plan for rescue
29 the hideaway

Historical fiction
1 by fire by water
2 homegoing
3 whistling past the graveyard
4 glory over everything
5 tumbling turner sisters
6 girl who wrote in silk
7 a memory of violets
8 girl in green
9 secrets of a charmed life
10 the muse
11 news of the world
12 diplomats daughter

Non fiction
1 immortal life of Henrietta lacks
2 empty mansions
3 Carole king
4 a train in winter
5 the rise of the rocket girls
6 tides
7 the waiting
8 geography of genuis
9 monuments men
10 end of night
11 the indifferent stars
12 mother tongue

Oldest kindles
1 sacred hearts
2 God of small things
3 kitchen house
4 broken for you
5 heretic queen
6 secret life of ceecee wilkes
7 lunch in paris
8 when crickets cry
9 the other life
10 blood of flowers

***Really want to read***
1 the one in a million boy
2 sleepwalkers guide to dancing
3 orphans tale
4 the German girl
5 I always loved you
6 secret lives
7 gospel of loki
8 if you find this letter
9 the bookmans tale
10 keeper of lost things
11 a bridge across the ocean
12 rise and shine, Benedict stone

Road trips
1 a daughters walk
2 calling me home
3 all over the place
4 notes from a small island
5 the Camino way

Summer books
1 little beach street bakery
2 beach house
3 summer at the beach street bakery
4 under a summer sky

Garden books
1 the sparrow sisters
2 black water lilies
3 memory garden
4 Solomon's oak
5 the orchardist
6 cottingly secret

***Thrillers/mystery ****
1 the snowman
2 I am pilgrim
3 the last child
4 the last one
5 in sheep's clothing
6 the river at night
7 river road
8 golden egg
9 rock with wings
10 state of fear
11 everything you want me to be
12 into the woods

***Watery books***
1 the girl who came home
2 sweet salt air
3 a night to remember
4 drowning season
5 mink river
6 ahabs wife

Winter books
1 in the midst of winter
2 wintering
3 winter solstice

Christmas books
1 deal of a lifetime
2 Noel diary
3 2am cats pajamas
4 a boy called Christmas
5 twelve dogs of Christmas
6 last Paris in Christmas
7 how mrs claus saved Christmas
8 Christmas at the little beach street bakery

Library books
1 say nothing
2 the dry
3 always
4 I see you
5 under a flaming sky
6 mystic river
7 under the knife
8 4 3 2 1
9 celine
10 a piece of the world
11 commonwealth
12 the art of pie
13 the one man
14 I work at a public library
15 the residency
16 a midnight watch
17 big magic
18 flight of dreams
19 a small indiscretion
20 hassling the sun
21 book of polly
22 Vegas diaries
23 all over creation
24 book of polly
25 never let you go
26 the women in the castle
27 Mrs queen takes the train
28 did you ever have a family
29 we are the ants
30 the kind worth killing
31 one mile under
32 song of the lion
33 you don't have to be a shark
34 pocket wife
35 oh Florida
36 the stars are fire
37 crack at the edge of the world
38 the stars are fire
39 tides
40 the twelve lives of Samuel Hawley
41 bird box
42 anything is possible
45 a new way to bake
46 boomers bucket list
47 zero k
48 the natural world of Winnie the pooh
49 my Italian bulldozer
50 clara and Mr tiffany
51 a fine romance
52 beartown
53 gone without a trace
54 Lincoln in the bardo
55 bakers secret
56 into the water
57 I liked my life
58 the girl before
59 Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine
60 they're playing our song
61 deep run root
62 other minds
63 pretending to dance
64 bunny Williams on garden style
65 cooking for Jeffrey
66 man overboard
67 Edgar and lucy
68 to capture what we cannot keep
69 the life of the party
70 Ginny moon
71 shelter
72 the leavers
73 since we fell
74 after the crash
75 a different class
76 larose
77 garden of small beginnings
78 meg
79 meg origins
80 sea kayaking
81 reading Jackie
82 red hunter
83 the girl from the sea
84 the perfect stranger
85 the stranger in the woods
86 mortal fall
87 driving miss norma
88 coastal living
89 the sea ranch
90 a woman's shed
91 the writers garden
92 art of southern charm
93 driving miss norma
94 the forbidden garden
95 judge and jury
96 picnic in provence
97 killers of the flower moon
98 word by word
99 good morning midnight
100 nine women, one dress
101 gifts from the garden
102 mermaids daughter
103 I found you
104 fifth petal
105 the women
106 standard deviation
107 exit west
108 Book lust to go
109 a dog's way
110 a line made by walking
111 book theives
112 no reason to be alarmed
113 little French bistro
114 Midnight at the bright ideas bookstore
115 lost letter
116 Gwendys button box
117 the shark club
118 not a sound
119 eggshells
120 we are all made of stars
121 widows of wall street
122 he said she said
123 this is what your librarians look like
124 swimming home
125 and after the fire
126 Apollo 8
127 the things we keep
128 free days with george
129 margheritas notebook
130 the Essex serpent
131 telling the bees
132 born of crime
133 end of normal
134 here and gone
135 lighthouse island
136 guise of another
137 himself
138 beach music
139 everything to lose
140 romance readers guide to life
141 letters to the lost
142 gardenista
143 behind closed doors
144 the best of Adam Sharp
145 swim
146 in the dark dark wood
147 rabbit cake
148 confusion of languages
149 Alice network
150 I need a lifeguard everywhere but the pool
151 every last lie
152 15 seconds
153 watch me disappear
154 we were the lucky ones
155 night mark
156 a speck in the sea
157 don't close your eyes
158 the body in the clouds
159 hello sunshine
160 swell
161 so much blue
162 memory' s last breath
163 bookshop at waters end
164 tornado weather
165 lightkeepers daughter
166 lost book of the grail
167 last days of cafe leila
168 hum if you don't know the words
169 cookie love
170 reading with patrick
171 what was mine
172 she sheds
173 extraordinary adventures
174 upstarts
175 nakano thrift shop
176 south pole station
177 the three
178 I'll push you
179 less
180 the lying game
181 weight of him
182 cafe by the sea
183 girl in snow
184 morningstar
185 lavender
186 local girl missing
187 clothing of books
188 don't look twice
189 simplicity of cider
190 the mist
191 19 minutes
192 hooked
193 pretend we are lovely
194 See what I have done
195 marriage pact
196 secrets of the tulip sisters
197 lost one
198 broken river
199 breakdown
200 the story
201 ready made theif
202 how to fall in love in a bookshop
203 Before we were yours
204 luster of lost things
205 full dark, no stars
206 incendiary
207 full dark, no stars
208 misfortune of Marion palm
209 salt house
210 forever summer
211 saboteur
212 reincarnation blues
213 you'll never know dear
214 a perfect storm
215 hello girls
216 Emma in the night
217 charlatan
218 a stranger in the house
219 young Jane young
220 here comes the sun
221 good daughter
222 the national parks
223 the life she was given
224 I can't make this up
225 color of fear
226 my absolute DARLING
227 the secret diary of Hendrick grown
228 impossible views of the world
229 history of bees
230 sourdough
231 the ice cream makers
232 genuine fraud
233 child finder
234 moonglow
235 the locals
236 the sweet life in paris
237 little fires everywhere
238 a boy in winter
239 George and lizzie
240 lies she told
241 love and other consolation prizes
242 best kind of people
243 good people
244 The golden house
245 mission walker
246 Dinner at the center of the earth
247 boat runner
248 Christmas recipes and crafts
249 they both die in the end
250 the ninth hour
251 sleeping beauties
252 the origin
253 one summer
254 spy secrets
255 the quiet game
256 revenge of the middle-aged woman
257 stolen marriage
258 three year swim club
259 bring her home
260 the host
261 wives behaving badly
262 weight of night
263 blackbird season
264 hidden light of northern fires
265 standing stronger
266 book of you
267 plover
268 rules of magic
269 fisherman
270 recovery
271 believe me
272 I'm fine
273 reservoir 13
274 taking of k-129
275 big year
276 resurrection of joan ashby
277 landline
278 seven of us
279 Cuban affair
280 stench of Honolulu
281 something like happiness
282 quakeland
283 everyday chic
284 what she saw
285 lie to me
286 beyond belief
287 dear Fahrenheit 451
288 going clear
289 kisses for kate
290 rooster bar
291 where the past begins
292 ghosts of the tsunami
293 gorilla and bird
294 enslaved by ducks
295 book of spies
296 shattered air
297 anxious for nothing
298 nightwoods
298 secrets she keeps
299 big awesome book of hand and chalk lettering
300 big cherry holler
301 skillet and sheet pan suppers
302 pumpkin cookbook
303 women's libations
304 best cobblers and crisps ever
305 blessed life
305 perennials
306 milk glass moon
307 future home of a living god
308 gold flame citrus
309 Artemis
310 good me bad me
311 deep dark descending
312 odd child out
313 murderers daughter
314 Sully
315 keep her safe
316 it's all relative
317 revolution of marina m
318 fragments of the lost
319 story of arthur truluv
320 Leonardo davinci
321 lost and found
322 weight of ink
323 last days of magic
324 the defense
325 cooking with my sisters
326 the widows house
327 The perfect scoop
328 bakers royale
329 how to read nature
330 cheesecake love
331 turtles all the way down
332 words in deep blue
333 greatest generation speaks
334 uncommon type
335 I see London I see france
336 the girl in the tower
337 endurance
338 Paris in the present
339 best day ever
340 Harriet wolf's seventh book of wonders
341 daring to hope
342 best day ever
343 coming to my senses
344 my sister's keeper
345 friend request
346 little broken things
347 wonder valley
348 carrying albert home
349 l'appart
350 below zero
351 soul survivor
352 genius of dogs
353 all the stars in the heavens
354 test your dogs iq
355 the confessor
356 betty crackers lost recipes
356 the shut eye
357 nomadland

Read goal 500

a book that becomes a movie 2017
Leisure seeker

a book with a month or day in the title
Dry grass in August

 inspirational book
Garden awakening

a book with a season in the title
The summer guest

a book that's been mentioned in another book
Jackie reads

A book recommended by an author you love
Stephanie kallos
Financial lives of poets 

a book of letters
Chilbury ladies choir

a book about an immigrant or refugee
The tea girl and the hummingbird

a book from a nonhuman perspective
The boy who drew monsters

a book you didn't think you would like

a book and movie you read and saw
Florence foster jenkins

a book by an author written in his home state
Dina key

a best seller from 2016
My name is lucy Barton

a book written by someone you admire
This book is overdue

a book involving travel
Only in Naples 

a book that makes you smile
The alps

a book set in California
Japanese lover

a book recommended by a librarian
The sleepwalker

a book with a subtitle
Crossing the bar
The adventures of a San Francisco bay bar pilot

a book with multiple authors
The finest hours

a novel set during wartime
Between shades of gray

a book that takes place over a characters life time
The story of beautiful girl

the first book in a series
Blue eyes blonde hair

a nyt best seller
Pretty girls

a book involving a mythical creature
The bear and the nightingale

a book with a red cover
The round house 

a book with the main character a different ethnicity than you are
Spider woman's daughter

a book with a family member in the title
Silent sister

an audio book
Little deaths

a book about a difficult topic
Mystic river

a book with an eccentric character
How to start a fire

 book published in 2017
Behind her eyes

a book with pictures
Everything everything

a book based on mythology

a book by a person of color
Hidden figures 

A book set in the wilderness
State of wonder

a book about an interesting woman
Signature of all things

an espionage thriller
An eye for an eye

a book over 600 pages
Cutting for stone

a book with a story in the story
The bookshop on the corner

a book with a cat on the cover
The lion in the living room

a book with an unreliable narrator
Shutter island 

a book by an author from a country you have never visited
And every morning the way home gets longer and longer

a best seller from a genre you don't normally read
Hidden bodies

A book with a single word title

a book you loved as a child
A tree grows in Brooklyn

a book with a title that is a characters name

a book set in two time periods
Cooking for Picasso

a book set in a hotel
A gentleman in Moscow

a book from a genre you never read
The course of love

a book by or about a person with a disability
Imagine me gone

a book that's been too long on your tbr list
The mysterious Benedict society